Baby Bo – Four weeks

How is it possible that Bo is four weeks old already? He’s growing and changing right before our eyes. I meant to start doing this sooner, but I’m going to try to write a weekly update as a sort of log of his activities, achievements and challenges. So, here goes…

Eating: Breastfeeding is getting easier as time goes on. We still have some challenges but nothing we can’t overcome (I think!) More about breastfeeding to come in a separate post, but it is generally going fairly well. Bo is gaining weight and growing like a weed. He even took a bottle of pumped breastmilk this week, which is huge for us since his brother flat-out refused to take a bottle ever!

Sleeping: The kid naps a ton during the day, mainly in his bouncy chair. He gets pretty refluxy (is that a word?) if laid on his back too soon after eating, so the incline of the chair seems to help a lot.

Nighttime sleep is still in short bursts these days. We were blessed with some longer stretches earlier on but those haven’t happened again recently.

We started out swaddling Bo at night, using the Miracle Blanket. We discovered pretty quickly that this baby does not do well with his arms swaddled. We tried using light swaddle blankets and leaving his arms out, but he would manage to unravel the blanket and I think he was getting cold. Now we’re trying a Velcro-style sleep sack that allows you to tuck the arms in or leave them out.

Am hoping we can start to get more than 2-2.5 hours of sleep in a row soon.

Physical development: I can’t believe how strong he’s getting! His neck strength is really good. I can tell that he’s starting to focus on things around him more. He enjoys lying on his play mat and even swats at the animals that hang from it. His favourite thing to look at is the picture that hangs on the walk behind our couch. I’m guessing he likes the contrast between the dark frame and light walls.

Personality: Bo is a pretty calm baby. He has the odd fussy period, usually in the evening, but it doesn’t typically last very long. Most of the time, his crying means he’s hungry or that he peed (poo, incidentally, doesn’t bug him at all!)




41 weeks – the big day?

As I’m sitting here waiting for the hospital to call me in to start my induction, I figure I might as well write a final weekly update for this pregnancy.  I’m starting to get a little bit nervous, but I think we’re all ready to go.  I ate some scrambled eggs with toast and drank a kale and spinach smoothie.  Our bags are packed.  I washed and blow dried my hair.  Littleman’s suitcase is ready to go so he can stay with my parents.

Baby Bo is pretty active in there this morning.  Not sure if he realizes he’s getting evicted today.  This winter has been (and continues to be) horrible so I don’t really blame him for wanting to stay inside his cozy nest.  However, mommy’s body has had about enough, so it’s time to get this show on the road.

Symptoms: Over the past week, my acid reflux has definitely improved.  However, the pressure down below is becoming very, very uncomfortable.  The evenings seem to be the worst, where it honestly feels like a bowling ball is trying to come out of my ass.  The insomnia has been awful too.  I barely slept at all last night (a combination of random contractions, Bo moving a lot and my mind swirling ahead of today’s plans).

Other: Littleman seemed to grasp what was going on this morning as we got him ready for daycare.  He tried to hide when it was time to get dressed.  He did say that he was happy that his baby was coming, but then he had a complete meltdown when D dropped him at daycare.  I feel like we’ve been talking about this baby for so long but it’s a whole different story now that it’s actually happening.  We will have to brace ourselves for some backlash from him over the next little while.

Anyway, there we go.  The final weekly update for this pregnancy.  Hopefully the hospital calls soon so we don’t have to sit around waiting all day.

40 weeks

Well, here we are.  40 weeks pregnant.  The big due date.  I feel like we’ve been talking about “February 26” forever and now it’s here.  And the baby isn’t.  Oh well.  Whatever happens, it can’t be much longer now!

The past couple of days have been a bit challenging.  Littleman was home from daycare yesterday due to a fever the day before (even though he was perfectly fine).  Of course, he chose yesterday to not nap, which is totally out of character for him.  I was dying for a rest after my sleepless, contraction-filled night on Monday.

Then, to add insult to injury, I developed a nice cold yesterday.  Throughout this whole pregnancy, I’ve managed to avoid all the bugs that D and Littleman have picked up and brought home.  And now, right at the very end, I get sick.  Ugh.  I could barely breathe through my nose so I did everything I could to make myself more comfortable before bed: Tylenol, humidifier, saline nasal spray, Vicks vaporub and nose strips.  Something did the trick and I managed to get a bit of sleep.  I was wide awake by 4am, but at least I felt ok.

Symptoms: Symptom-wise, there isn’t much new to report.  I’ve actually noticed that the acid reflux has gotten a bit better.  I’m wondering if the fact that the baby has dropped is helping a bit.  However, on the flip side, the baby being so low seems to make emptying my bladder much more difficult.  That is, of course, unless I sneeze.  Then it empties itself quite freely!

Anyway, with Littleman back at daycare today, I think I’ll try to enjoy some time to myself.  I just cried watching an episode of the Baby Story and now I’m going to bake some muffins.  I’m doing whatever I can to distract myself from the fact that today is the due date AND my OB is on call today.  Maybe if I stop thinking about it, baby will come?  Maybe?  Seriously, little guy, you are welcome to join us at any time!!



39 weeks

I’m actually a bit surprised that I’m 39 weeks today and I’m still pregnant.  I really didn’t believe we would make it this long.  I know 39 weeks is still early, but Littleman came at exactly 39 weeks (without many prior labour signs or warning) so with all the contractions I’ve experienced this time, I really thought Bo would come sooner.

39 weeks

That being said, I’m actually feeling ok and am happy that (so far) Bo is staying put while D finishes up his stretch of night shifts.  After tonight, I’m comfortable with him coming any time.

At yesterday’s OB appointment, Dr. P checked me for dilation.  I was surprised to learn that I’m not quite 1 cm dilated.  I really thought that the many incidents of contractions that I’ve experienced over the past couple of months would have progressed me further.  It doesn’t really matter to me, but it was interesting to find out.  He offered to strip my membranes while he was “in there” but I declined.  With D working, I’m not really feeling the need to rush Bo along.   If he chooses to come on his own, that’s great.  If not, we can think about it again next week.

One thing that’s keeping me busy while I await the baby’s arrival is the Olympics.  In fact, it’s entirely possible that this post will make no sense because I’m supremely distracted by switching channels back and forth between hockey and bobsleigh.  Woohoo, Canada just got a gold medal in women’s bobsleigh.  Now I can focus on the hockey game only.  Geez, this is intense.  But watching it live is so much nicer than watching the prime time recaps.

So, here’s how the last week has shaken down…

Symptoms: By far, the worst symptom continues to be the reflux.  I can’t make it through the night without taking Zantac.  If I try not to take anything, I inevitably wake up at some point in the night with some barf in my mouth.  So gross.  I’ve also had a bit of cramping this week, but nothing major.  Felt a bit like minor menstrual cramps.  Other than that, I haven’t had any regular contractions for over a week now.

Sleep: Littleman has a cold so he’s been waking up in the night for the past few nights.  Since I’ve been on my own this week, I’m the one who has to get up with him.  Between that, the reflux and the general insomnia, I’m getting very little sleep these days.  I try to squeeze in afternoon naps whenever I can, but I’m a terrible napper.

Just talked to my sister who is due the day after me.  She just had an appointment and is 2cm dilated.  My poor mom is starting to panic a bit about who is going to go first and where she’s going to be when each baby arrives (my sister lives two hours away).  There is really no knowing how this will all go down, so we just need to wait and see.  It’s still just kind of crazy to think that our babies could be born so close together.

38 weeks – false labour or the real deal?

I’m 38 weeks today and feeling pretty good.  Well, at least I’m feeling good at the moment.  On Monday night, I was pretty sure it was “go time” and that we’d be welcoming our new little boy.

But nope.  False alarm.  I’ve had a couple of incidents of contractions during this pregnancy, but Monday night was different.  Around 10:00 p.m. I started getting some crampy pains.  By 10:30, I could tell they were coming in waves so I started timing them.  I was pretty uncomfortable and kept having to get out of bed.  They were around 7 minutes apart for quite a while, sometimes dipping closer to 5-6 minutes.  As the time got later, we contemplated whether we should call my parents to come over and watch Littleman.

At my OB appointment this week, Dr. P had said I should go in and get checked if the contractions were 6-7 minutes apart for an hour.  Although I certainly met that criteria, I just didn’t really feel like it was time yet.  So we decided to wait it out a bit longer.  By after midnight, I was getting pretty miserable.  We decided we’d both shower and then see how I felt.  Again, I just couldn’t decide.  I dried my hair (stopping a couple of times to get through the cramps) and then we lay down on the bed for a bit.  I figured I’d be more comfortable progressing a bit further at home, rather than dragging myself to the hospital in the middle of the night, only to be possibly sent back home.

Finally, around 3:30 a.m., I must have dozed off between contractions because when the next one hit, I realized I’d never stopped my timer from the previous contraction and it had been counting for 17 minutes.  Obviously, they were tapering off.  At that point, I put away my phone, stopped timing and finally, finally, got a bit of sleep.

As you can imagine, I felt like crap yesterday after getting very little sleep.  I was kind of expecting things to start up again once I started moving, but for the last 36 hours or so, I’ve felt fine.

I’ve read that false labour can help prepare your body for the real thing, making actual labour can be quicker/easier.  I sure hope that’s true.  Because, if so, I’m super prepared!

Other than that, not much has changed this week in terms of pregnancy symptoms…

Sleep: Awkward and uncomfortable, with pretty consistent insomnia between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.

Symptoms: The acid reflux is still horrible.  I’m snoring like a mo-fo (although I’ve bought some nasal strips which I think are helping a bit).  I’m feeling a ton of pressure down below and my bladder feels like it is constantly full.

Other: It’s a really good thing that I’m on maternity leave now because I would be having a really hard time if I had to continue to get dressed for work.  Most of my tops are too short now and I struggle to keep the bottom of my belly covered.  I don’t feel like I’m all that huge, but I guess the baby’s dropped just enough to make clothing awkward.

37 weeks

Wow.  At 37 weeks, the end is truly in sight.  I dragged myself to work today in a bit of a blizzard, but it was easier knowing that I only have two more mornings left of commuting.  After Friday, I’m officially on maternity leave!

My biggest worry these days is how Littleman is going to adjust to the big changes that are about to come his way.  I think he’s starting to realize how soon the baby will be here (at least as much as a three-year-old can) and we’re finding he’s being a bit more sensitive than usual.  This morning, for example he decided he only wanted daddy and wouldn’t come near me.  He told me he didn’t love me, which of course, set off tears from both of us.  It took me a moment to pull my hormonal pregnant self together, but we talked about it and were both feeling better before I left for work.  But, I expect this is just a sign of what’s to come over the coming weeks/months.

Other than that, pregnancy continues to kick my ass, but as I noted yesterday, I’m doing my best to embrace it and enjoy whatever time is left.

Symptoms:  The acid reflux is still coming on strong and making me pretty miserable.  I’m medicating myself as much as possible and it helps a bit.  This is one symptom I’m hoping doesn’t stick around after the baby is born because it is NO FUN.

A new symptom this week (just to keep me on my toes) is carpal tunnel syndrome.  At least I think that’s what it is.  Most mornings I wake up with pain in my right wrist/thumb that kind of radiates a bit into my inner arm. 

Sleep:  Apparently I’m continuing to snore quite a bit, which causes D to sigh loudly and then head downstairs to the couch.  Sorry buddy, but I spend so much of my night awake that I’m not going to fret over snoring during the couple of precious hours that I actually sleep.  Not sure if this is somehow related to pregnancy or more a symptom of the cold I’ve been fighting and the winter dryness. 

Other: I’ve finally removed my wedding rings for fear of getting them stuck on there.  I don’t have any really noticeable swelling but they were definitely starting to feel a bit tight.

36 weeks

This is the week where my pregnancy tracker app tells me that the baby is the size of a watermelon.  Eek!  That’s so big!  And speaking of baby’s size, at my OB appointment today, I asked Dr. P if he could tell anything about how big Baby Bo may be.  He said that he seems about average.  My fundal height is one cm smaller than “normal” but he said that it’s perfectly the fine.  I know that, at this point, he’s really only just guessing about the size.  The only reason I asked is because I’m curious if I’m going to have another giant baby.  Littleman was born at 39 weeks, weighing 9lbs 5oz!

I had to do my Group B Strep test today.  I still vividly remember the first time I had to do it.  It was one of those standard tests that was always mentioned in pregnancy books, but no detail was ever given, beyond the fact that it was a “swab.”  I guess I took that to mean it was sort of like a Pap, which is what I expected to happen.  However, when Dr. P told me it was time for the GBS test, he pulled out a tube containing a swab, handed it to me and sent me into the bathroom with the instructions of how to do it myself.  For anyone who hasn’t had this test yet, it requires a swab of both the vagina and the anus.  Yep.  That’s right.  I’m sure my face was priceless.  I remember stumbling awkwardly into the bathroom and standing there by myself, laughing.  Anyway, I gave my friends who already had kids an earful for not warning me about that one.  At least this time, I knew what was coming.

Symptoms:  The crappiest symptom this week has definitely been the acid reflux.  While it is especially annoying when I want to sleep, it’s starting to hit me at pretty much any time of the day.  Dr. P told me a few medications that are safe to use, so I stocked up today.  Given that I could have almost six more weeks of pregnancy left (although that would totally surprise me!) I want to make sure I have some options for fighting this symptom.

One pregnancy symptom that I’ve been lucky enough to avoid during both my pregnancies is swelling.  I’ve seen the women with the puffy ankles struggling to put on shoes and I’m relieved that I haven’t had to deal with that.  I am, however, starting to notice my rings getting a little snug.  I can still get them on and off, but they are definitely starting to leave a bit of a mark.  Perhaps it’s time to retire them until after the little guy gets here.

Sleep:  Just when I thought that my sleep couldn’t get any more interrupted, I caught a cold.  After a few days of dealing with the dry mouth, drooling and snorting, I find myself missing the sore hips and knees.  Oh well.  I don’t expect to sleep well again for a long, long time.  Might as well get used to it.

Other: Another baby boy was born on our street this week.  If you’re keeping count, that’s two in the last two weeks!  There are two of us left who are expecting before the end of March.  It will be fun to have some other mommies close by during my maternity leave.