Baby Bo – Four weeks

How is it possible that Bo is four weeks old already? He’s growing and changing right before our eyes. I meant to start doing this sooner, but I’m going to try to write a weekly update as a sort of log of his activities, achievements and challenges. So, here goes…

Eating: Breastfeeding is getting easier as time goes on. We still have some challenges but nothing we can’t overcome (I think!) More about breastfeeding to come in a separate post, but it is generally going fairly well. Bo is gaining weight and growing like a weed. He even took a bottle of pumped breastmilk this week, which is huge for us since his brother flat-out refused to take a bottle ever!

Sleeping: The kid naps a ton during the day, mainly in his bouncy chair. He gets pretty refluxy (is that a word?) if laid on his back too soon after eating, so the incline of the chair seems to help a lot.

Nighttime sleep is still in short bursts these days. We were blessed with some longer stretches earlier on but those haven’t happened again recently.

We started out swaddling Bo at night, using the Miracle Blanket. We discovered pretty quickly that this baby does not do well with his arms swaddled. We tried using light swaddle blankets and leaving his arms out, but he would manage to unravel the blanket and I think he was getting cold. Now we’re trying a Velcro-style sleep sack that allows you to tuck the arms in or leave them out.

Am hoping we can start to get more than 2-2.5 hours of sleep in a row soon.

Physical development: I can’t believe how strong he’s getting! His neck strength is really good. I can tell that he’s starting to focus on things around him more. He enjoys lying on his play mat and even swats at the animals that hang from it. His favourite thing to look at is the picture that hangs on the walk behind our couch. I’m guessing he likes the contrast between the dark frame and light walls.

Personality: Bo is a pretty calm baby. He has the odd fussy period, usually in the evening, but it doesn’t typically last very long. Most of the time, his crying means he’s hungry or that he peed (poo, incidentally, doesn’t bug him at all!)




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