I’m a 36-year-old married mom whose second pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 14 weeks in March 2013.  My husband (we’ll call him D) is a hardworking, loving husband and father.  Our three-year-old son (Littleman) is one of the most amazing, smart, cute, funny people we know.

It took us over a year to conceive Littleman, although we did so naturally, with no fertility treatment.  Our second pregnancy took about 8 months to achieve.  We found out at 14 weeks that the baby had died at 12 weeks 5 days.

In March 2014, we welcomed our rainbow baby, Bo!  He is an absolute joy.

This is the story of our loss and our journey to move forward as a family of four.  Thanks for stopping by and joining us as we see what comes next.

For some background about how we got here, see:

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  1. I’ll be following your journey. All the best. I am 39, and we got pregnant last Nov with our first, and I miscarried somewhere around 9 weeks. I pray that you are at peace and that all goes well with this one!

  2. I’ve read all of your pregnancy posts and everything that you wrote really resonated with me. I lost a pregnancy at 8 weeks in 2012 and it ruined me for a bit. When I read through your posts, I kept thinking about how what you wrote was so close to how I felt during that time. I appreciate this so much, especially the fact that you were willing to put your feelings out there. I searched forever for something to read after my loss to help me, and I couldn’t find anything.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I’m glad that my story could help you a bit. I struggled a lot when I had the miscarriage and reading other people’s stories really helped. I found so much support from other bloggers who had been through similar situations. Hope things have gotten a bit better for you!

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