It’s daycare day

I’ve been dreading this day for a while but we managed to survive the first day of daycare…

Monday, 8:00am: I’m semi-awake when I hear my phone buzz with a text message.  My friend (and neighbour) needs to borrow our shovel.  Tons of snow has fallen overnight and her shovel broke.  I respond, telling her where it is, and roll over for a little more snoozing.

8:05am: Bo starts to make some noise.  I brush my teeth and head into his room.  We have a little snuggle as I nurse him.  “Ready to start daycare?” I ask.  He coos and babbles in response.  Clearly, he has no idea what is coming today.

8:10am: Bo and I climb into bed with my husband and hear Littleman come barreling out of his own room.  The four of us hang out in bed together.  The boys smile and hug each other, which melts my heart.  I take it all in, knowing that the opportunities for mornings like this are few and that my time at home is so close to the end.

9:00am: D bundles up Littleman and heads off to drop him at daycare.  There is so much snow that they decide to take the sled.  Littleman is excited about his “toboggan ride” and, since daycare is just down the street, it’s probably the easiest way to get there in this weather.  I take Bo upstairs for his morning nap.  Nursing him in the silence, it finally hits me.  This is actually happening.  No more days at home together.  No more staying in our pajamas on a snowy day.  I hug him a little tighter than usual as I put him down in his crib.

9:30am: D clears off the car and heads to the grocery store to pick up a couple more sippy cups for Bo.  He’s never taken a bottle and we’ve been working hard on teaching him how to use a cup in preparation for daycare.  Yesterday we had a breakthrough with a straw-style cup, so now we need to stock up on those.

11:00am: The kid wakes from morning nap. It’s time! I get him dressed and bundle us both up to walk through the snow to the daycare. Since this is his first day, I’ll stay with him the whole time.

12:00pm: After a bit of playing, the daycare staff and I decide to try feeding Bo some lunch. Today’s menu features quinoa and edamame. I know, right? Anyway, although it is puréed for the littlest ones, Bo still spits it out. He gobbles up the applesauce and crackers, though.

1:00pm: After a bit more playtime, I decide to leave the room for a bit. I wave goodbye and retreat to the hallway. I have a few moments of heartache when I hear him cry (he dumped a bin of toys on himself). He seems to be doing fine, other than that. He plays for a while and then they try to give him some milk. He’s not interested and starts rubbing his eyes and whining. Enough for today.

1:45pm: We bundle back up and head home for a snack. Bo munches on some pita with hummus while I scarf a bun and some chocolate covered raisins (I know, lunch of champions).

2:45pm: Nursing, then nap time. Bo goes to sleep easily, so it seems he survived his first hours of daycare relatively unscathed.

3:00pm: I whip up a cauliflower mac and cheese for dinner. We need a quick and easy meal tonight, so it’s better if I can prepare it in advance.

4:00pm: I head back to daycare with the sled to pick up Littleman. It’s earlier than usual because we have his skating lesson tonight.

5:00pm: Dinner is in the oven and we’re all in the living room. Bo is happy after a good afternoon nap and Littleman is clearly tired after no nap at daycare today.

6:00pm: Everyone is (somewhat) fed and we’re rushing out the door.

6:15pm: Skating! Bo gets passed back and forth as we watch Littleman’s skating lesson.

7:15pm: Bedtime for Bo. We made it through our first time at daycare. As I nurse him, I wonder how tomorrow will be. Tomorrow I won’t be staying at daycare with him. He’ll be doing it on his own. I give him an extra little cuddle tonight because, even though things are changing around here, he’s still my baby.

8:00pm: Mom’s night out. I bundle up (again…so much bundling!) to walk to a local pub for a drink with some girlfriends/fellow mamas. It’s cold and snowy. I’m tired and a bit sad. But an evening with the girls is just what I need.

10:55pm: Bedtime for me. It’s been a long day. Starting daycare went as well as it could but it still wore me out emotionally. Tomorrow is another day but for now, sleep.


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