Cold season

I know I’ve said this before, but there’s really nothing I hate more than seeing one of my children sick. Poor little Bo has managed to catch one bug after another this past month and I feel awful for him.

We only had a few clear days following the stomach virus before he developed his current cold. He obviously felt a bit crummy over Christmas (he wasn’t his usual happy self) but it really hit hard two days ago. Fever, snot, cough. General misery.

The only positive thing is that he’s managing to sleep a lot, which has to be helping a bit. Especially because he’s very unhappy when he’s awake.

The rest of us (knock on wood) are healthy and enjoying our family time at the farm. New toys, games and movies are keeping us busy since the lack of snow means we haven’t been able to take advantage of our other new Christmas gifts (snowshoes and sleds!)

Fingers crossed that this cold passes soon and leaves everyone else untouched. It would be great to start the New Year healthy!



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