Another milestone reached over here today.  This morning, Bo and I were playing on the floor.  He grabbed my hand and jammed it in his mouth – his usual way to ease his sore gums.  But this time, when he chomped down, I felt a prick!  His first tooth has officially arrived!  I guess that explains why he was up every two hours last night.

Although he didn’t sleep well and he’s been Drooly McSlobberton lately, he hasn’t been too grumpy about teething.  In fact, he continues to smile his great big grin, which is now extra-cute with that little bottom tooth popping out!

No, the teething really hasn’t been too bad.  But, you what isn’t too fun?  The time change.  I remember loving the “fall back” time change as a teenager and prior to having kids.  There was nothing better than an extra hour of sleep on the weekend.  However, it turns out that my kids never got that memo.  To them, the time change meant that there was an extra hour during the day instead.  Which meant that they were up earlier.  And that they stayed awake longer.  And that they were way more tired.  Yesterday AND today.  Let’s hope we can get back on track tonight…


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