Food deja vu

My experience with introducing solids to Bo seems to be eerily similar that of his older brother.  And by that, I mean that it isn’t going terribly well at all.  The biggest difference this time?  Me.  I’m just not stressing about it like I did with Littleman.

It’s been about six weeks since I offered Bo his first solid food.  In that time, I’ve tried a few different techniques, all of which, for the most part, failed.  Rice cereal?  Forget about it.  Homemade vegetable purees?  Make him gag.  Store bought purees?  He won’t even open his mouth.  BLW?  He sometimes grabs the food and puts it to his lips, but then, without fail, just mushes it up and throws it down.

We persevere, however, and still attempt to feed him some form of solid food at least once a day.  And, after lots of trial and error, we’ve recently had a few successes:

  • Zucchini puree mixed with rice cereal – for some reason this is the only “spoon” food that Bo appears not to mind.  He doesn’t eat large quantities but he’ll actually open his mouth (a bit) for this one and seems to actually swallow it, as opposed to spitting it back out or barfing it up.
  • Red, yellow or orange peppers, cut in strips – this is one “finger food” that Bo really enjoys.  He’s able to grasp a piece of pepper in his hand and gum it.  He actually seems pretty adept at getting some of the flesh while spitting out the skin.  Since Littleman also loves peppers, it’s nice to have at least one snack that they will both eat. In fact, Bo managed to swipe Littleman’s bowl of peppers the other day.
  • Scrambled eggs – Littleman and I were having scrambled eggs for lunch on the weekend and I decided it was a good time to try it out with Bo.  I put some small chunks on his high chair tray, which he promptly squished and dropped in his lap.  I tried helping guide his hand to his mouth but he wasn’t interested.   I carried on with my lunch and then tried again, offering him a tiny piece from my fingers.  He actually ate it!  Then he started opening his mouth for more.  The total quantity he ate was pretty small but I consider it a big success.  He only gagged once and managed to work through it, swallowing the piece he was gagging on rather than throwing the whole mess up.

In addition to the solid food, we’ve also been working on the sippy cup.  He enjoys chewing on it, which gets him a bit of formula.  I don’t think he swallows much (I’m pretty sure the majority of it ends up on his clothes!) but, again, I’m not too worried about it.
Breastfeeding continues to go well, so the food and the cup are really just for the experience.  Bo’s still nursing 8-10 times a day (including about 2 middle-of-the-night feeds).  He’s growing and developing well so I’m happy to stick with the breastfeeding.  The only issue with it these days is the fact that he gets SO DISTRACTED.  I miss the days that I could nurse him on the living room couch while Littleman played on the floor and D washed dishes.  Or when I could feed him in the car in a grocery store parking lot.  Now, if we’re anywhere but in his bedroom (or, if we’re not home, then in a nice dark room), he pulls off the breast over and over, causing me to spray milk all over the place and making for a very inefficient feed.  And nursing covers?  No way.  He thrashes and yanks on it until he uncovers himself, drawing way more attention to us than if I use no cover at all.

I don’t think there’s much I can do about the distractedness.  It’s probably pretty typical 7.5-month-old behaviour.  And I know the solids will come in time.  Before I know it, I’m sure I’ll be complaining about having two teenage boys eating me out of house and home!




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