Stranger danger

When I go out with my baby, I expect to attract the attention of strangers. I mean, for the most part, he’s the cutest thing in sight. Grocery store, doctor’s office, coffee shop. You name it, he’s the star.

Today, for the first time, someone called him “she.” I was a bit confused at first so it was too late to correct her. But, seriously, he couldn’t have looked more “he”. Blue long-sleeved waffle shirt, jeans (loose fit, not jeggings!) and navy socks. He looked like such a boy!!

A stranger thinking my boy is a girl is really no big deal. In fact, I had a good laugh about it. What happened yesterday, though, really bugged me.

Littleman had a dermatologist appointment so we all went. D and Littleman went to the desk to check in while I found a spot to sit in the waiting room. Bo was in his stroller beside me.

An older man walked by and smiled at Bo. (He’s a super-smiley baby so this happens a lot). Then the man bent down and touched Bo’s hand! Not just a little pat, but actually let Bo grab his finger. A stranger. In a doctor’s office!!

I didn’t even let Littleman touch Bo’s hands for the longest time (in an attempt to minimize the spread of daycare germs) so I honestly couldn’t believe a stranger was holding my kid’s hand.

Maybe I should have said something but I didn’t. I realize it was likely a generational thing. He saw a cute baby and he touched it. I just can’t imagine reaching into the stroller of someone I’ve never met and touching their kid.

Back to the lady-thinking-Bo-was-a-girl-incident: after talking about how cute “she” was, the lady leans down and asks Bo to smile. He gives her a funny look and gently shakes his head. The lady turned to me and said, “that’s ok. She should learn not to talk to strangers.”

Lesson learned!


3 thoughts on “Stranger danger

  1. Yes! I have had so many people touch Kieran without asking, most of the time on his face. It seems to happen more when he’s in the carrier which means their basically touching my boobs at the same time. I agree that it does seem to be a generational thing, it happens more often with “grandparents” than people my age.

    One of my good friends just had twin girls and she always decks them out in pink and purple with large hair bows. There have been so many times that people comment on how cute her “boys” are. They’re in purple car seats!

  2. An old lady touched E’s cheek the other day at the grocery store. While I was wearing her, just like Aislinn! I just moved away a little so she couldn’t reach to touch a second time.

  3. I am guilty of touching a zillion babies in my lifetime that don’t belong to me. I don’t do it now that I’m a mother, but I used to do it all the time without even thinking about it. Baby lovers feel drawn to touch babies like a magnet. Because of my own experience before motherhood, I don’t freak out when people touch my kids. I don’t like it, but whatever!

    That lady is hysterical! Great response!

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