Sleep begets sleep

There are a lot of sayings that people like to throw around when it comes to raising a baby.  Many are useless pieces of advice, but a few seem to have some truth to them.

Sleep begets sleep is one of the sayings that I’ve found to be true.

With both my boys, the more/better they napped during the day, the better they would sleep at night.  Sometimes people would suggest keeping the baby awake during the day to help him sleep longer at night.  I learned pretty early on, though, how inaccurate that was for my kids.  Sure, neither of them slept “through the night” consistently as babies, but keeping them awake during the day made the whole night even worse.

So, yes, it appears that sleep begets sleep.

At least until yesterday.

Yesterday, Bo had a 2.5 hour nap around midday and then another 45 minute late afternoon nap.  Fantastic, I thought.  I put him to bed at his usual time (7ish) and crossed my fingers for a good night.  Sadly, that wasn’t the case.  Every two hours, he squawked and fussed until I went into his room and fed him.  By morning, I was exhausted.

I know that babies are unpredictable and can change their schedules unexpectedly.  I just sure hope that it was a fluke and we can get on track for some decent sleep this weekend.  We’re spending the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday at the farm with lots of family and a well-rested mom and baby will be much happier!



One thought on “Sleep begets sleep

  1. Sleep DEFINITELY begets sleep for almost every baby out there. Nobody can sleep when they’re overtired! I hope tonight is better for you. Last night was rough for us too from pushing bedtime too late. UGH.

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