Seven months

We just passed Bo’s seven month birthday and his development is really starting to blow my mind.  I’m starting to feel some anxiety about going back to work, but people keep reminding me that I still have a few months to go.  I know I say this every month, but time is flying by way too fast for my liking!

The kid is growing so fast and, at his last pediatrician appointment a couple of weeks ago he weighed almost 20lbs and was 27″ long.  His head size was in the 99th percentile, which makes him look even bigger than he is.  It also makes finding hats that fit him very difficult!  Too bad it’s getting cold and hat season is upon us!


I’ve started to notice that my happy little guy is getting fussier these days.  He still doesn’t cry very much and will smile for just about anybody.  But, when we’re home alone all day, I think he’s starting to get a bit bored.  He used to be happy to lie on his play mat or hang out in his exersaucer while I ran around and cleaned up/made dinner/folded laundry/etc.  Now, I can only get a few minutes at a time before he starts whining and wants a change of scenery.

He also seems to have realized that I can walk away and he gets pretty annoyed if I leave the room.  Luckily our house is pretty small (can’t believe I’m actually saying that my small house is a good thing!) so he can hang out in the living room and still see me when I’m in the kitchen.

The one thing that always makes Bo happy is his big brother.  Littleman can do no wrong in Bo’s eyes.  The two of them have so much fun together already and I can already imagine what life will be like around here once Bo gets a bit bigger.  Total chaos!


Sleep is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get.

For example, last night, Bo did two 5-hr stretches of sleep, followed by an almost-2-hr stretch.  Pretty decent.  But on Saturday night, he woke every hour.  Ugh.

Naps, too, are kind of all over the place.  I know this is partially my fault.  He seems to want/need a decent morning nap, but some of our regular activities interfere with the nap timing and I end up having to wake him before he’s ready.  The afternoon nap(s) are all over the place but often seem to be better if he’s had a good morning nap.  All this means that I end up with an over tired, fussy baby on the days that we have morning activities.  Unfortunately, for my own sanity (and physical well-being), I’m not ready to give up our exercise class to allow for longer naps.


We’re still working on solids but it’s been slow going.  We’ve tried offering him some “finger foods” such as steamed veggies, shredded meat, soft fruits and pieces of turkey meatloaf.  Most made him gag and I don’t think he actually “ate” any of them.  We’ve also continued to feed him some purees, which have been somewhat more successful.  Keyword being “somewhat.”   I’ve made most of the purees myself, with the favourites being zucchini and butternut squash.

We’ve tried offering the bottle and/or sippy cup with formula every so often, just to see if he’s interested.  It certainly isn’t an effective way to feed him (he chews on it more than he drinks it) but it’s a good distraction if we’re out somewhere and he starts to get fussy.

Breastfeeding is still going well, although he gets distracted very easily so I have to take him into his room if I want to make sure he gets a good feed.  Otherwise he pulls off constantly to look around while I frantically try to stop my milk from spraying all over the place (which is somewhat awkward when I’m anywhere but home!)


He’s sitting on his own!  In the past week, we had a huge breakthrough when it comes to sitting up and he rarely tips over anymore.  Being able to sit up on his own seems to make him much happier.

If we put him on the floor on his back, he pretty much always rolls onto his stomach.  He’s relatively content there for a while, then he gets annoyed and seems to have forgotten how to roll back over onto his back.  He sleeps on his side but if I put him in his crib and he doesn’t feel like sleeping, he rolls onto his stomach and then screams bloody murder until I come and get him.  I think he’s discovered that this is the best way to get my attention and he’s totally playing me.  I’m a sucker.





2 thoughts on “Seven months

  1. The rolling on the tummy thing is a trick!!! MY little girl did the same, I always put her down awake at 8 to settle herself and 9 months she would roll onto her tummy and scream and I was thinking she couldn’t roll back when my childminder kindly informed me, she rolls from tummy to back all the time! Little bugger was tricking me so I’d go get her! Do not be fooled 😛

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