I need my ducts cleaned

Bo slept a nice long stretch last night.  7.5 hours.  There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep.  Except for when you wake up in pain.

You see, Bo only eats from one breast at each feed, so that 7.5 hours of sleep meant that my left breast was neglected for 11 hours.  The result?  PAIN.

At first I just thought it was a little engorged and uncomfortable, but after a couple of feeds on that side, I realized that I likely have a plugged duct.  Shit.  I had that happen a few times when Littleman was a baby and it was horrible.  It’s so painful and, truly, all you can think about.

On top of the breast pain, I’m feeling generally a bit off today (overall tired, sore, etc.) and I really, really don’t want this to be mastitis.  I’ve been pretty hard on my body lately, with all the running, fitness classes, walking and still waking to feed Bo multiple times in the night, so I’m hoping the general body pain and fatigue is due to that.

I spent most of the day today trying every trick I can think of to unclog the duct: hot shower, massage, heating pad, frequent feeding, feeding in different positions (including the terribly awkward dangle-from-above, which caused my baby to look up at me like I’d lost my marbles).  I nursed Bo so often, that he barfed (thanks for taking one for the team, kiddo!)

As I lie here with a heating pad on my chest, I think (hope!) that it’s getting a little better.  I’m not feeling a hard spot, so I’m hoping the pain is just from all the squeezing and rubbing I’ve been doing all day.

I’m exhausted and really feel like I need a good night’s sleep.  But I’m terrified of having a good night’s sleep.  How the hell is that fair?


4 thoughts on “I need my ducts cleaned

  1. Yay for 7.5 hours! But oh god, the pain of a plugged duct! I got one in Colorado with nothing but a pump to try to relieve it. I forgot how awful they are! I hope you got it resolved!

  2. Oh I’m sorry! I’ve had plugged ducts a few times and it’s painful and annoying. Never turned into mastitis thankfully. I tried all the tricks too (dangle feeding is hard with small boobs!). Pumping while massaging (hard) helped too. I felt pain/soreness for a full day after the lumpiness was gone, so hopefully that’s where you’re at. Glad Bo is sleeping well though!

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