Experimenting with solids (even a little bit of Baby Led Weaning!)

We are a couple of weeks into the process of introducing “solids” to Baby Bo.  When Littleman was a baby (and I was a first time mom) I was excited to start feeding him.  I started at 4.5 months on the recommendation of our paediatrician.  It didn’t end up being as enjoyable as I’d hoped.

With a little more experience under my belt, I was much less anxious to start solids this time around.  I knew Bo was getting everything he needed from breastfeeding, so we waiting a bit longer.  But it started to become pretty clear that he was ready for food.

I wrote about feeding Bo his first “meal” – brown rice cereal – a couple of weeks ago.  It went OK, and continued to go OK, but he certainly didn’t love it.  And why should he?  It’s kind of gross.

After that, I decided to look into some other food options.  Josey suggested Baby Led Weaning.  I’ll be honest here: I read about it a bit when I started feeding Littleman but it all seemed a bit too “crunchy” for me at the time.  Everyone I knew fed their babies purees.  That made sense to me.  But, as seems to be the case with a lot of baby-related things the second time around, I feel a little more open to trying alternative methods.  When my husband suggested we hand our baby a piece of steamed asparagus the other night when we were eating dinner, I thought, why not?

I think we’ve kind of settled somewhere in between when it comes to feeding Bo.  He’s still eating some purees (although not much cereal).  I made him some butternut squash and some zucchini purees, both of which he seemed to like.  But we’ve also let him play around with banana pieces, asparagus spears and baked sweet potato “fries.”  Not much has made it into his mouth.  In fact, most got squished between his fingers and tossed on the floor.  However, I feel a lot more relaxed about where we are when it comes to feeding Bo than I did at this stage with Littleman.  The best part about letting him feed himself sometimes?  The fact that all four of us can sit at the table together for dinner.  We did that for the first time the other night – Bo in his high chair, Littleman in a booster seat – and my heart was bursting with happiness.

I know that this whole feeding thing is a process and some foods will go over better than others (we’ve definitely experienced a fair amount of gagging and puking already!) but I’m glad that I’m able to enjoy it all a bit more now.  Stressing about kids and food is just no fun at all.

If anyone has any suggestions for foods that their baby liked to eat when first starting out, please pass them along.  My baby is still not sleeping through the night (a different post altogether!) so my brain isn’t terribly creative these days!




3 thoughts on “Experimenting with solids (even a little bit of Baby Led Weaning!)

  1. Emelia loved veg! Broccoli, boiled carrots, avocado sticks are perfect and mango as they just turn to mush! We give my little girl homemade American style pancakes (healthy versions ofcourse) with blueberry compote on them and she LOVES them

  2. I can’t remember if I sent you this list, but here is what we did with Stella! http://scovfam.com/blw/blw-stella/ We’ve been even more relaxed with Harvey – he basically eats anything that doesn’t have a bunch of added sugar/salt.We also won’t do honey until 2yrs old and we will start nuts (peanutbutter) around 1 yr. Stella had no issues with shell fish, etc, so I’m pretty relaxed about it all honestly.

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