When did life get so busy?

I have so many updates that I want to write about but I don’t seem to get any time to myself these days.  By the time everyone is settled in bed at night, I’m way too tired to write! Some of the things swirling through my head include:

  • our first plane trip and hotel stay as a family of four
  • the first couple of weeks of feeding my baby solids
  • my running progress
  • packing away the too small baby clothes, knowing that we won’t be using them again…

I’m going to dedicate some time to write about all of these things, even if only to help myself process my feelings.  Don’t get me wrong – these things aren’t all negative – but they all impact me in different ways.

Also, I have been trying to stay up-to-date on my blog reading but am finding that some of my favourite blogs aren’t always showing up in my reader (WTF) and for some reason, I can’t always comment and/or “like” from my phone (again, WTF?)  So, please know that I’m still here, following, reading, thinking about you.  I just don’t get much time in front of an actual computer.


2 thoughts on “When did life get so busy?

  1. Posts show up many days after they’re published in my reader. If they’re not WordPress blogs, I have to hunt for them. 😒

    Finding alone time is hard. Hottie came home from 3 nights away and tried to get frisky and I snapped, “not now, ok? This is the only time I’ve had to myself in a week!”. He received it well enough!

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