What’s cooking?

As much as I’d like to slow down time and keep my baby from growing up too fast, I know it’s time for him to start eating solids.  So, in celebration of Bo’s half birthday, we gave him his first taste of “real food.”

Littleman, our three-year-old, was pretty excited about his baby brother getting to try food.  I think he was a little disappointed when he realized that “real food” was just plain old brown rice cereal.

We popped Bo into the high chair, snapped on a bib and mixed up a tablespoon of cereal with formula.  The first try went pretty well.  When he wasn’t trying to grab the bowl or spoon, he was opening his mouth to take in the food.  He polished off the whole bowl.  Take two wasn’t quite as successful because I think he was too tired.  Take three was somewhere in between.  He didn’t love it but didn’t hate it.  He was kind of indifferent but at least he ate it all.

Rice cereal is pretty boring so I’m looking forward to offering him other foods with a bit more flavour or texture.  Littleman didn’t like eating at this age and pretty much hated all pureed food, so I’m hoping things go a bit better this time around.  I’m still primarily breastfeeding so we’ll take the introduction of solids slower this time around and let Bo take his time getting used to the different tastes and textures.





4 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. Have you ever thought about trying BLW with him? We’ve done that with both kids and they both LOVE it (skipping straight to solids – not doing purees at all). http://scovfam.com/blw/ I found it way easier than having to sit and spoon feed, and both kids loved feeding themselves and gnawing on whatever we were eating (plus it makes me cook better so that the food is nutritious enough for all of us to eat!). Just a thought. 😉

    I love baby’s expressions the first time they try a new food! LOL

    • To be honest, I have’t really explored BLW. I only heard about it briefly the first time around and it sounded a bit too “alternative” for me. But, having been through the whole puree debacle with my older son, I think it’s definitely worth exploring. Thanks for the link… I’ll check it out!

      • Haha, ya, I didn’t do it to be alternative. I did it b/c I was lazy and it made sense to me to have babies learn how to chew before they learned how to swallow. Also, it’s easy. I hand him whatever we are eating at this point after just 2 months of BLW. It’s awesome. 🙂

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