Run #2: some help from technology

I know I’m supposed to spread out my runs throughout the week, but I decided to do my second run the day after my first because I knew it was supposed to be extremely hot and humid for the next couple of days and I wanted to make sure I got it done.

I took off shortly after 9am and the humidity was already brutal.  Woooheee, it sure was hot.

The run itself felt a little bit tougher than the day before but I’m pretty sure it was the fact that I had sweat running down my face that made it so hard.

I did, however, find a couple of things to help make my runs easier and to keep track of what I’m doing.

First, I downloaded the free C25K app for my iPhone.  It was awesome!  Instead of looking at my watch over and over again (while trying to calculate what time it would be in 90 seconds), I just popped in my earphones and let the app tell me when to run or walk.  It even allowed me to play my music from iTunes.  I could listen to my music, which would get quieter when the voice would come on to tell me what to do.  It told me when I was halfway through and when I had one minute left.  Most of the time, I wasn’t really paying attention to the clock so it was a nice surprise when my minute of running was up.

The other app I started using was Digifit.  I still haven’t explored all its functions but I like that it tracks my route on a map so I can get a sense of the distances I’m running.  It also syncs with my fitbit.  I finally decided to replace my fitbit flex because I was finding it way to inaccurate due to the fact that I’m almost always pushing a stroller.  I’ve switched to the fitbit one, but I’ve only been using it for a couple of days.  I like it so far but haven’t really used it long enough to have a strong opinion about it, but based on what I’ve seen so far, I think it’s much more accurate.

I plan to take a day or two off from running while I start my mommy and baby fitness class.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do my third run on the weekend.


One thought on “Run #2: some help from technology

  1. I have been enjoying my running but I have bloody hurt my back from lifting Molly. I’ve been using run keeper and love the five minute interval update keeps me going!!!

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