Special day out

Today was a pretty great day.

The weather was good and D wasn’t working, so we decided to take the boys to Toronto’s Centre Island.

Centre Island is a park/beach/amusement park that is just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto. I loved going there as a kid and really wanted Littleman to experience it.

It was awesome. He loved riding the ferry. We planned well and got there right as Centreville (the children’s amusement park) was opening so it wasn’t too busy. Littleman got in the spirit right away and rode a whole bunch of rides. It’s geared towards little kids so he could go on many of the rides by himself.

We brought a blanket and had a picnic lunch on the grass so that Bo could have some time out of the stroller. And then, at the end of the day, I bought Littleman his first cotton candy. Mmmmm!

I’m so glad we decided to go. It’s beautiful over there and makes me realize that I need to spend more time taking advantage of the parks and attractions our city has to offer. I don’t often stray out of my neighborhood but today proves that I definitely should.






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