The cat takes a wife

My three-year-old says some pretty funny shit.  I realized that I should really start writing it down because I know that I’ll never remember otherwise.

Last night, he decided to serenade me with a song from daycare.  The Farmer in the Dell.  Except he couldn’t quite remember the words.  I, of course, only remember the first verse, which I dutifully sang for him when he requested it.  Apparently that was enough to jog his memory and he took over with the second verse… “the cat takes a wife, the cat takes a wife, heigh-ho the derry-o, the cat takes a wife.”

Wait, what?

Then there’s his attempts at applying the rules of grammar.  You know, I didn’t really realize how messed up the English language can be until I became a parent and watched a little person try to learn it.  Some examples:

  • That’s yours.  This is mines.
  • Him hit me.
  • Can me help?
  • I falled.

And, finally, there are the random funny things he says:

“Old McDonald’s” = McDonald’s (the restaurant)

“Open” = Oatmeal (his favourite breakfast, which he couldn’t pronounce when he was younger.  The name just stuck.)

“Is it tomorrow?” = is it time for whatever exciting thing we were talking about yesterday?

There’s really nothing cooler than being able to have a real conversation with your kid.  When they’re babies, it’s hard to imagine being able to sit down and actually have a two-way chat with them.  As my son grows up, it amazes me how much he learns are retains every day.  So, I guess it’s really no surprise that some of his words get a little mixed-up and his grammar is not quite perfect.   As his language continues to develop, I’m sure there will be many more funny things coming out of his mouth.  And I’ll be here, enjoying it all!


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