The breastfeeding beatdown

My baby has started assaulting me. And by that, I mean hitting, slapping, pinching, scratching and just generally mauling me.

I had forgotten about this part of breastfeeding.

Until recently, nursing my infant was a pretty calm, relaxing time for both of us. But in the past week, it’s turned downright violent.

It starts out innocently enough, with his arm reaching up to stroke my neck and face. Then, out of nowhere, it turns into a full blown smack-down.

I vaguely recall my first son doing this at some point (although I think he preferred to stick his fingers up my nose). What I can’t remember is how long it lasted.

Please tell me it’s just a phase and he’ll grow out of it soon. Because getting punched in the face repeatedly several times a day is not my idea of calm or relaxing.


2 thoughts on “The breastfeeding beatdown

  1. I hope it’s a phase! I’m getting this now too. In our case, it’s more pinches/grabs and kicks. She also tries to put her hand in her mouth while she’s nursing (then gets mad because the milk isn’t coming out anymore), and aggressively rubs her eyes while nursing if she’s tired. She rubs them so hard they’re red and sometimes scratches around her eyes!
    I recently bought one of those teething necklaces made for mom (that I wear) so that she can grab onto it while nursing. It works pretty well. It mostly keeps her hands occupied so she doesn’t maul her face, but I still get the squirming and kicking. Better than it was though. This is fairly new for her, so I’m hoping we go back to peaceful nursing at some point!!

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