Empty nest

Our little bird has officially flown the coop and we are now empty nesters.  OK, I realize that I may be a little over-dramatic here, but last night was first night that Bo didn’t sleep in our room.

When Littleman was a baby, he slept in a bassinet next to our bed .  When he’d wake in the night to be fed, I’d scoop him up and take him to the glider in his nursery to feed him.  My husband was anxious for him to move out and, although I struggled with it a bit, we moved him pretty easily at 12 weeks old.

This time around, I was even less keen to move our baby into his own room.  I knew this was the last baby that would share our room and I loved knowing he was right there beside me.  D gave me a deadline of four months this time (I think he forgot how long Littleman had been with us) so I happily agreed.  We ended up going until about 4.5 months with Bo.  I would have kept him even longer but I could tell he was getting uncomfortable.  The bassinet is just too small and, reluctantly, I agreed that it was time to let him move out.

It certainly wasn’t his first time in his crib – he’s napped there off and on for a couple of months – but it was his first time spending the whole night there.

He did great. He fell asleep around 8:30 and woke at midnight and 5am to eat. Woke for the day at 8am. Not too shabby.

I miss being able to scoop him up and feed him in bed, but I’m hoping that he’ll start waking less now that he’s in his own space.

It’s hard to let him go because it means my littlest one is growing up. Soon he’ll be wanting to get his own apartment! But it was awesome to walk in and see his sweet little face this morning.



3 thoughts on “Empty nest

  1. I’m glad it went so well! That’s a big step– at least for us parents! I finally moved my daughter out of the cosleeper. She was seriously way too big for it. I moved the crib into our room though, because she’s a terrible sleeper AND because I’m not ready! Things are not going as smoothly with our move, but I’m being persistent! If it was up to her, she’d sleep on me all night long. Enjoy having your room back!
    He is a cutie 🙂

  2. He is a cutie! We also moved our little man at 4 months, it is a little tough, but for the best for him and us. Still have the monitor right next to me.

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