4 months

Another month has gone by already and Bo is now four months old!  He continues to amaze me everyday.  He’s such a sweet and happy little guy.

In terms of physical development, he is getting stronger and stronger.  He reaches out for anything you put in front of him and can grab and hold things well.  He happily flips from front to back, but still isn’t rolling from his back to his tummy.


He smiles most of the time, with his biggest grins reserved for his big brother.  He coos and babbles and giggles a lot.

Sleeping is still inconsistent, but I am happy to report that he goes to sleep very easily.  Some nights he wakes every 2.5-3 hours to eat, while on a couple of very special occasions, he’s given me a good 6-7 hour stretch.  Either way, I can put him down awake and he’ll fall asleep himself (amazing, I know!)  He’s even been known to pass out on his activity mat!

After feeding him in the night, he falls back to sleep quickly.  I know so many people struggle with getting their babies to sleep – I sure did with my first and my sister is going through it right now – so I definitely appreciate what I have right now. I’d love to get some longer stretches of rest but I know it could be so much worse.

He’s still sleeping in his bassinet in our room (the deal with my husband was 4 months!) but he’s starting to get too big. We plan to move him into his own room soon. He’s already been having some daytime naps in his crib so I don’t expect it to be a hard transition (for him, at least!)

Everyone thinks Bo is such a big baby, so it was interesting to see what he weighed-in at when we took him to his 4-month doctor’s appointment. Turns out he’s a bit smaller than his big brother was. Bo is 17lbs 2oz and 26.5″. (At 4 months, Littleman weighed 17lbs 8oz and was 26.75″). He’s definitely on the large side though. The pediatrician commented that “17lbs is a great size for a 9 month old!” Har, har, har… Sooo funny! But seriously, he looks absolutely minute beside my niece who is 18lbs 4oz at the same age.

Bo did great at his appointment. He smiled at the doc throughout his check-up and only cried briefly after his shots. The worst part was a couple of hours later. After sleeping for most of the afternoon, he woke up extremely upset. Nothing, not even nursing, would console him. Luckily it didn’t last too long. I just felt so bad for the little guy, who is normally so pleasant and happy. It sure is horrible seeing your baby so upset.

I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. We have given up on the bottle, mainly because I forget to practice (and I hate pumping). I don’t plan to introduce solids until 6 months this time around. We started at 4.5 months with Littleman, but he wasn’t really into it at all so I don’t feel the need to rush.

This turned into a longer update than I expected! I think the main thing I want to remember about Bo at this age is how relaxed and easy-going he is. I know that can all change at any time so I am enjoying the flexibility right now.

I’ll leave off with a few more pics:





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