Terrible threes?

As I scrolled through the new posts in my WordPress reader this morning, I came across this: 10 Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two

I had to smile. This article, along with the comments on my last post and some other blog posts I’ve read recently, make me feel a bit better. At least I know I’m not alone in my battle with a three-year-old!

Over the last year, I often wondered about the “terrible twos”. It never really happened to my son. Sure, he had his moments, but it was never really “terrible.” Now I’m learning that three might just be the harder age. They’re smarter, able to communicate more and have figured out how to use those skills against us more successfully.

As I realize that Littleman is acting like a pretty normal three-year-old, I think my ability to handle his freak-outs will get better. He’s not turning into a monster child. He isn’t going to have lifelong behavioural issues (I hope!). He’s just a little kid who has had lots of changes in his life recently and is testing boundaries as he tries to cope with his feelings.


2 thoughts on “Terrible threes?

  1. Yep! I’ve also found that 3 has been more challenging. More amazing, and more difficult. These little ones, they keep you on your toes – just when you think you’ve got it down, they change it up.

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