Just like dad

My son worships his dad. Sure, he loves his mom, but daddy is his “best friend.”

Daddy is a firefighter. I think pretty much all three-year-olds love firefighters, so Littleman certainly isn’t unique in that sense. But not all three-year-olds get to visit the fire station and sit in their dad’s truck. Lucky boy!

20140627-154306-56586719.jpgAnd then there’s the farm. My husband is very handy and is always busy with projects around the farm. Littleman always wants to help.

One of his favourite pieces of farm “equipment” is the John Deere gator.
So, imagine his surprise when we arrived at the farm last night and daddy gave him this:

He jumped right on there and is driving like a pro already. I have a feeling I know how he will be spending his time this summer!

I’m glad my little man is so happy to spend time with his dad. Their relationship is special and they really enjoy each other’s company. I love watching the two of them together. As Littleman gets older, I look forward to watching their relationship grow and seeing him become just like dad.


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