The death of the photo album

I have cute kids.  I know, I know, we all think our kids are cute.  But mine are really, really cute 🙂

Seriously though, I’m sure I’m not the only parent who takes a gazillion pictures to capture all that cuteness.  I got my first iPhone right before Littleman was born and it allowed me to take some pretty great photos anywhere and anytime.  For my 36th birthday – three days before Bo was born – I got an iPhone 5S and have been taking even more great shots of my boys.

The problem?  If I want to show anyone or even look through them, I have to do so on my phone or pull out my laptop.  I’ve realized that there’s something to be said for the good, old-fashioned photo album.

Remember when we used to take pictures that we couldn’t see right away?  And when we were much more selective about what we chose to photograph?  Remember dropping off a roll of film to be developed?  I remember how exciting it was to pick up my photos and go through them to see how they turned out.  We used to get “doubles” so we could share the extra copies with our friends. Then, we’d spend hours sorting them and putting them into albums. I have piles of photo albums from my childhood and teen years.

I love that digital cameras and smart phones allow us to take a ton of photos and then delete the crappy ones.  I love that I have my phone with me all the time so that I can capture any cute moment that pops up, without having to go looking for a camera.  But, I hate that I end up with thousands of digital images to sort through and deal with.

The worst part?  We don’t even have one picture of Bo in our house.  I’ve easily taken over 1000 pictures since he was born and haven’t printed one of them.

When Littleman was a baby, my solution was to make photo books.  I spent hours diligently sorting photos on the computer and uploading them to a site for making and printing books.  To keep it manageable, I did it in three-month chunks, so his first year was captured in four books.  They turned out great and my plan was to do yearly books after the first year.  That plan failed miserably and I haven’t made one since.

So, today I started again and uploaded a bunch of photos from Bo’s first three months.  When I get time (ha!) I’ll go back to make the books to capture Littleman’s second and third years.  But for now, I’m focusing on family books going forward.  My goal is to do the three-month books for this year and then go back to yearly books after that.

Does anyone else struggle with managing their family photos?  I love having great pictures of my boys but it seems like such a waste to keep them hidden on our devices.



8 thoughts on “The death of the photo album

  1. I love photo books like that! One of the best ideas I’ve heard is to make yearly family “yearbooks” with pictures from each family member’s birthdays, big trips the family took, etc. to look back on. I hope to do that in the future, but we all know how busy life can get!

  2. I used to scrapbook. I loved it. I loved creating the books and making them special. But it took hours. And I didn’t have a dedicated space for it so I had to clean it up every time. So after 4 pages I’d be done for the night.
    I haven’t done any in many years. I am to the summer after my 2nd child was born. She is 13 😦
    I have thought about just getting photobooks printed but half of my children were pre-digital time so I have to scan and do that mess. And then my son knocked over my box of organized photos, with dates on them. So they are a mess.
    My kids loves going through the books I have done. I need to get some more done.

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