Back in the day

Since I am a first-born child, I’m the one who my parents photographed like crazy and documented all the milestones. When I got pregnant with Littleman, my mom gave me my baby book, where she had kept track of my childhood development and accomplishments.

Reading through it was quite entertaining. Some of the things my mom was advised to do with me seem quite shocking 36 years later.

In the book, my mom kept copies of the daily routines that were recommended by my pediatrician’s office:


Sunbath?! Maybe that’s where I got my love of the sun.

In my mom’s notes, I read that she gave me cereal at 6 weeks. Apparently I “hated it” (ie, threw up). No kidding!

Then at 11-12 weeks she gave me carrots, followed by peas. In both instances, mom noted “disliked.” She gave up on veggies at that point. Turns out she was on to something! I didn’t start eating them again (and liking them) until 6 months.

It was interesting to read that she was encouraged to supplement with formula right from the start and that she stopped breastfeeding altogether at 3 months. Not because she had any problems, just because that’s what she was encouraged to do.

It turns out I was a better sleeper than my own offspring, sleeping 6pm-6am at 6 weeks of age. Wow. Lucky mom!

The funniest part is that I went straight to walking without ever crawling. But there’s a note saying that mom was teaching me to crawl, long after I was already walking. When I asked her about it, she told me that the preschool teachers said that I would never read if I didn’t crawl. What?! How does that make sense? Turns out I was an avid reader from very early on. (Must be because mom taught me to crawl!)

Anyway, what’s interesting about all of this is how much things have changed over the years. I’ve even noticed some small changes in the baby care recommendations since I had my first baby, only three years ago. Goes to show that doctors don’t know everything and, while I follow our doctor’s advice, I also have to trust my own instincts when it comes to raising my babies.

Time to head outside for our sunbath now. Just kidding!


2 thoughts on “Back in the day

  1. It’s crazy to see what was advised when we were babies. I wonder what things we do now will be considered “crazy”?

    When I was pregnant with G, a coworker told me it was bad for kids to skip the crawling phase because it would leave something lacking in brain development. I don’t know if that has been proven true or not, but it’s interesting to see it was advised to make sure it was taught!

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