First date

Bo and I just got home from seeing a movie together. A couple of nearby movie theaters offer “stars and strollers” movies once a week. The sound isn’t as loud as regular movies and there is a change table available in the theatre. It’s pretty much only moms and babies who attend, so the theaters are fairly empty and it’s easy to breastfeed or walk around if you need to. No one flinches if your baby cries.

My mom came with us today and we saw Divergent. I loved, loved, loved the books. The movie was okay. But, to be honest, it didn’t really matter. It was just nice to get out and do something.

Bo was perfect. He slept through most of it, just waking for one quick feed. I even got to enjoy a big bag of popcorn.

We will definitely be going to the movies again before Bo gets too old!


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