My postpartum body

I’m struggling a bit with my body these days.  It seems that it’s taking a bit longer to bounce back the second time around and I’m not feeling very good about myself.

Last week, I attempted to put on a pair of my regular, non-maternity jeans.  Big mistake.  I remember fitting into them two weeks after I gave birth to Littleman.  That certainly isn’t the case this time.  I couldn’t get them over my hips.

And then there are my boobs.  They are definitely bigger than they were last time.  My old nursing bras are too tight.  My nursing tank tops are too tight.  I have a couple of barely supportive nursing sleep bras that sort of fit, so I’m using those right now.  I’m avoiding buying anything new for a while until I feel like my body has settled into a consistent size.

The boobs are also causing issues with tops.  Most things are too tight on the bust, which feels especially bad because my breasts are still a bit sore sometimes. My maternity tops work, for the most part, but then they are super-loose on my stomach.  I feel sloppy when I wear them.

I don’t know the total amount of weight I gained with this pregnancy, but I know that it’s more than I gained the first time around.  I’m going to guess that it was close to 40 lbs (I gained 30 lbs with Littleman).  I still have about 12-15 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I know it’s still really early – I’m less than four weeks postpartum – but I have to wonder if I’ll be able to do it.  Will my hips ever fit in those jeans again?  Am I going to have to buy an entire new wardrobe to manage my breasts this year?  (Later on, I fully expect my boobs to shrink back to the deflated pancakes that they became after I weaned my first son.  Ugh.)

I’m sure things will get a bit better once I start moving more again.  I feel like it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to work out. When the weather gets better, I intend to get out walking with the baby as much as I can (in fact, we went for our first walk today!). And I plan to do mommy/baby exercise classes with Bo, as I did with his brother.  Until then, I guess I’ll just get used to looking a bit awkward and hope that this won’t last forever!


2 thoughts on “My postpartum body

  1. As you know, I’ve written this post a dozen times since my son was born. I’m still a good 15 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and my one-size-ups don’t even fit, let alone my regular jeans. For me, this time, I think breastfeeding is making it impossible to lose the last of it (whereas last time breastfeeding helped me lose it all super quickly–and I had gained WAY more weight last time). It’s hard to accept things are happening so differently this time but I’m trying to. Still, it’s hard. Nothing but support, empathy and understanding from me on this one.

  2. Doesit still count as baby weight if it’s still there 5 YEARS LATER??? Lol… Seriously- don’t be so hard on yourself. Despite all my hours spent running and working out at the gym, I am still 10 lbs heavier than I was before the wee woman. Give it time- you will drop the weight, and you will start to feel better about yourself. In the meantime, you have a beautiful new son to enjoy. Hugs!

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