Jinxed it?

The past couple of nights, Bo has had a few stretches of “fussy time.”

Just as I had been saying how good he is and how calm he is, he’s started crying a lot more and sleeping a lot less. Way to keep me on my toes, little guy!

I think part of the problem is reflux. I seem to make a lot of milk and it flows really quickly. He gulps like a maniac and then gets really gurgley and barfy after he’s done eating. He’s ok while he’s upright but I can tell he’s uncomfortable when I lay him down.

I don’t blame him. I remember how bad my reflux was at the end of this pregnancy. It was always worse when I got into bed.

Even though he spits up a lot, I know he’s still getting enough to eat. He has lots of wet and dirty diapers. And, he’s gained 2lbs in his first three weeks!

Last night was reminiscent of the early days with Littleman. Bo was screaming after a middle-of-the-night feeding and wouldn’t settle down. I tried rocking in the chair. I tried pacing the main floor. I tried swaying back and forth or bouncing up and down. I tried the pacifier. Finally, D woke up and took over so I could get some rest.

I know that these tough nights will pass but I was sure getting used to having a bit more sleep. I guess it’s time to adjust my expectations. At least he’s super cute!



3 thoughts on “Jinxed it?

  1. Sorry to hear about this development – it’s so hard when the babes are uncomfortable. 😦 Right there with you, except F just grunts and wriggles and can’t be put flat. We should text at 4am.

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