On the mend

Things seem to be turning the corner and I’m finally starting to feel better. I’ve been on antibiotics since Friday and took my two doses of misoprostol. While I didn’t experience the heavy cramping or bleeding that I expected, my bleeding did become a bit more red and I saw that I passed one small blob of something in the toilet, about the size of a nickel. Maybe that was it?

Regardless, I haven’t experienced fever or chills in a couple of days. I see Dr. P for a follow up on Thursday, so hopefully I can put all this behind me soon!

In other news, my nipples seem to be healing and breastfeeding is becoming much less painful. My hemmy is also shrinking (thank god) and I’m finally having bowel movements like a normal (or semi-normal) human.

Fingers crossed that the worst has passed and I can start focusing on enjoying my time with sweet Baby Bo!




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