Postpartum fever, retained tissue and misoprostol

I have so much I want to write about here but have been busy feeling like absolute shit this week.

Starting Sunday afternoon, I’ve had a low fever and chills everyday around the same time. Since my nipples were chomped to bits, I sought help from a breastfeeding clinic and adjusted our position. When we found out Bo had a tongue tie, we got it clipped. Within 2-3 days, I started to feel an improvement and my nipples are starting to heal with the help of APNO.

After 4 days of the fever coming and going, I finally went to see my family doctor (OB is away this week, of course). She checked out my stitches and prescribed something for my first ever hemorrhoid (yep, did I mention I haven’t been able to sit?)

Then she drew blood and decided to send me for an ultrasound right away to rule out retained tissue. Well, I got the call on Friday morning that the ultrasound shows some tissue and the blood shows infection. Doc sent me off to the hospital right away.

Since I’d have to bring my nursing baby with me, we decided to try the birthing unit first, in the hopes that they’d see me rather than sitting in the ER. Thank goodness we did. They took me right away (one of our recovery nurses was working in triage!) and we got whisked to our own little room.

When we finally saw an OB, he wanted a urine sample to rule out UTI. After a few hours of lying there feeling miserable, we got the results. Urine test did not show a clear sign of UTI so I would be treated for a likely infection of the uterus due to retained tissue.

Now I am on antibiotics (which, incidentally, also treat UTIs) and misoprostol to try to expel the tissue. Does anyone have advice/experience with this drug? Everything I’ve read about it has to do with miscarriage as opposed to postpartum use. And everything I’ve read makes it sound rather unpleasant, to say the least. I had to insert the pills vaginally, which I did at about 8:30pm. It’s now 5am and the only thing I’m noticing is that my light bleeding, which had turned more beige, is now reddish again.

Anyway, I’m hoping a all of this works so I can get on with enjoying my baby, who is such a good boy and my big kid who has been so patient while mommy has felt sick.


6 thoughts on “Postpartum fever, retained tissue and misoprostol

  1. I’ve used miso three times, all to induce miscarriage. It softens the cervix, and helps to initiate contractions. I had labour-like pain all three times, and it worked two out of three times (it is said to work about 75% of the time). How many pills did you insert? I’ve done two different dosing protocols, and I found higher doses less frequently to be more effective at getting the job done quickly… ie- four pills inserted every 24 hours was better than two pills every 12 hours. In my experience, I expelled the most tissue with the first dose within 4-6 hours of inserting the pills, so it’s mildly concerning that not much has happened for you yet at the 8 hour mark. Did they give you any further doses? I never took any pain meds while on miso, but lots of people do, so if you start having painful contractions, don’t hesitate to take something for the pain. I sincerely hope they get this sorted out quickly for you- you must feel horrible!!! Sending love…

    • Thanks! I inserted 4 pills and have 4 more to insert tonight. I’ve had some dull cramps but nothing major. But I’ve been having contractions/cramps off and on while breastfeeding, which tend to cause a gush of blood each time. This was happening even before the meds and the OB said it’s a good thing.

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