Getting settled (sort of)

I’m still here. Just trying to get the hang of things. In some ways, becoming a mom for the second time is so much easier. Bo is a good baby so far and things aren’t as scary/stressful as they were the first time around. I’m definitely more laid back this time.

But I’m also finding the physical recovery much harder. My lady parts feel torn to bits. I’m struggling with bowel movements. The uterine contractions after the birth have been awful (apparently it is common for it to feel worse with each child you have).

And then there is the breastfeeding. Bo latched immediately and sucks like a champ. But my nipples are now cracked and bleeding. When my milk came in on Sunday, I got super engorged. My breast have been burning and hard. Then I got a fever.

Out hospital has a breastfeeding clinic so I managed to see a lactation consultant today. She helped with positioning and the latch (turns out things have changed in the last three years in terms of what the recommended positions are!)

After that, we had Bo’s first pediatrician appointment. He’s gaining weight well. When I mentioned that he eats well but that I’m having a lot of pain, he said that it looks like he is a bit tongue tied. Nothing major but could really help me if we get it fixed. We will be calling tomorrow to try to arrange that.

Anyway, the birth story is still to come but am too tired/sore/delirious to get it down right now!

I’ll leave off with this:



3 thoughts on “Getting settled (sort of)

  1. I’m glad you’re settling in and things are going well. I’m sorry your nipples are getting thrashed-I hope fixing the tongue tie helps with that. And I hope that the physical recover happens more quickly. What a cute picture! Brotherly love!

  2. Definitely feel you on the less anxious part the second time around. I hope you get the tongue tie sorted out – not a lot is worse than painful breasts/breastfeeding. Hoping you feel better soon!!!

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