What’s wrong with February?

So, it turns out that my family has an aversion to February.  To be honest, it’s never been my favourite month.  Usually, by the time February rolls around, we’ve been dealing with winter for far too long and it still feels like spring is much too far away.  The only thing that made to the month of February bearable over the past few years (besides the fact that it’s a short month!) is that both my babies were due in February.

Littleman’s due date was February 7 but he decided to make his appearance on January 31, 2011.   Baby Bo was due February 26, 2014.  And here we are, March 1, and he’s still hiding out in there!

It is now entirely within the realm of possibility that I will share my birthday with this little one.  In two days, I will turn 36.  While I knew, logically, that I could still be pregnant in March, I honestly, truly believed this baby would be early so it never really crossed my mind that he could be born on my birthday.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I mean, it doesn’t devastate me, but I think I would prefer us to have our own birthdays.  I don’t find my own birthday particularly special or exciting now that I’m an adult and parent, but it’s still kind of nice to have your own day.  Plus, I can think of more enjoyable things to do on Monday than labouring and birthing a child!  But, if that is when he wants to come, it would be a pretty darn awesome birthday present.  Either way, I’ll be ok with it.

Anyway, each morning that I wake up still pregnant, I have to kind of laugh that we’ve made it another day.  We’re totally ready to go and are trying to stay patient.  I’ve done all my personal grooming this week including painting my toenails (quite the feat, I must say) and shaving my legs.  D even helped me groom down below, so I’m all set for my March baby boy!


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