My niece is here!

Very early this morning, my sister gave birth to my sweet little niece, Mackenzie!

In my 39 week update yesterday, I mentioned that my sister had just been to her 39 week appointment and was 2cm dilated.  She was feeling fine and was spending the afternoon doing some cooking so that she’d have some meals ready in the freezer (haha, first time expectant mom with time on her hands!)  Then, a little after 4pm yesterday, I got this text:


She called me (as I demanded) and described what she was feeling.  She thought it could be pee, but I assured her that she wouldn’t be continuously peeing every time she stood up or moved.  I think I read somewhere that only about 10% of women experience their water breaking when they start labour.  Funny that it happened to both my sister and I.

Anyway, I told her to go call her husband and she hurried off to finish packing her bags.  About an hour later, my mom arrived a my house to spend the evening with me and Littleman.  By the time she arrived, my sister’s contractions had started.  When we heard from my brother-in-law at 8pm, they had been admitted.  Contractions were 2 minutes apart and they were awaiting the epidural.  At 9:30pm, she was more than 9cm dilated and they were letting her rest a bit before she started pushing.

At this point, my usual bedtime these days, I was getting pretty anxious.  I tried to go to sleep and dozed off and on for a few hours.  Every time I woke up to pee, I’d frantically check my phone for updates.  By 3am, I was pretty much wide awake.  Luckily, I didn’t have a wait long for news.  A few minutes after 3, my brother-in-law texted to tell me that my baby niece was here!

This is my sister’s first baby and I’m so glad that everything went well.  They are doing great and the baby is absolutely gorgeous.  The only thing that makes me sad is that they live two hours away so I don’t know when I’ll get to meet her.

When Littleman woke up this morning, I told him that his cousin was born.  He said “she come out?” and then “why her not a boy?”  After that, he got a little teary and patted my belly, saying “I want ‘my baby’ to come out.”

I think we all expected my baby to come first, so little Mackenzie’s birth was a bit of surprise to everyone in the family.  But I’m absolutely thrilled that she’s here.  Now, her cousin Bo can feel free to arrive at any time!!


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