What’s your name?

Choosing a name for our baby has been particularly challenging this time around.  When we first found out I was pregnant with Littleman, we were so excited and started chatting about names pretty early on.  I ran out and bought a baby name book, filled with hundreds of lists and thousands of names (many of which I’d never heard of and couldn’t pronounce).

After the intial excitement wore off and we decided that we would find out if we were having a boy or a girl, we put our name selection process on hold until we knew that Littleman would be a boy.  That allowed us to focus only on boy names.

It was still tough, though.  Both of us have names that are very, very common for our age group.  If you were born in the 70s, it is quite likely that you had many of us in your class.  We knew we didn’t want that for our child, but we also didn’t want something wildly obscure or with questionable pronunciation.  Our last name isn’t easy, so the first name had to be simple enough.  And, of course, you have to think about initials and nicknames.

We finally settled on a system, where we could both add names to a list and that either of us could veto any that we really hated.  As the due date approached, we had a list of three names that we both agreed upon.  We went into the hospital armed with a list to choose from once the baby was born.  This approach worked well for us because, in the end, we didn’t end up choosing the name that we both originally thought of as the frontrunner.  And it wasn’t until seeing Littleman, that we were really able to feel that our name choice was the right one.

Fast forward three years and here we are again, coming up with boys names.  We left it a lot later this time, mainly because we have a lot less time on our hands and always had something else we needed to be doing.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I made D sit down with me a talk about it. 

The first thing we had to decide was whether or not to keep the names that were on Littleman’s list but didn’t get used.  We ended up keeping one and tossing the other.  We were just kind of over it, I guess.  Then, we went through our add/veto process until we ended up with two more names that we like.  Of course, this time we also had to take into account how the name sounded with Littleman’s name (for example, we didn’t want them to rhyme and we didn’t want one super trendy name with one old-fashioned traditional name). 

So, here we are again with three names that we’ll head into this baby’s birth with.  Hopefully one of them will feel right when the moment arrives.



3 thoughts on “What’s your name?

  1. The naming stuff can be so hard. When we had our first child we had a boy’s name and a girl’s name that we liked (actually, I had those names and MV liked them well enough–and had no ideas of his own). Then we had a girl and used the girl name. When we got pregnant again we kept the boy nam end then started thinking about girls names. But we couldn’t get anywhere. There were so many that I loved but MV vetoed everyone. I remember thinking that I was totally okay with having a boy or a girl but having a boy would be easier because we had the name all set and ready. And thank goodness we did have a boy because I don’t know how we’d have figured out a girl name. It would have been impossible!

  2. Jon and I have differing opinions of names, and he tends to shorten any name if he can, so we started early. So early, in fact that we chose Bella before we were even pregnant. With Gus and Tittle’s pregnancy, by the time Tittle died (9w) we had both full boy names picked, had one full girl name picked and had a second girl name. This time, we’ve had the full girl name chosen for months before we got pregnant and we have the boy first name picked, but aren’t 100% on the boy middle name.

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