Cold and cold

It’s frigging cold outside AND I have a cold.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself this morning as I stood at the bus stop freezing my buns off.  The stupid polar vortex or Alberta clipper or whatever it is this week is killing me.  I effing hate it.

I’ve managed to avoid getting sick over the last couple of months, even with D and Littleman bringing home numerous germs.  I guess my luck has finally run out and I’m dealing with a cough, sore throat and just general blahness.  Apparently I’ve been snoring, which means I’ve actually been asleep a bit (although I honestly feel like I’m awake all night long).

So that’s my whine for today. 

I’m heading to the hair salon after work to get a good couple of inches hacked off before the baby arrives.  My hair is way too long right now and I’m hating it.  As long as I can get it into a ponytail, I’ll be happy.  The rest of it can go.  I’m hoping that some relaxation in the salon chair, coupled with a nice scalp massage, will help me kick this stupid cold.


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