32 weeks (and Happy New Year!)

Here we are on the first day of 2014.  I’m 32 weeks pregnant today, so last night I celebrated by having a couple of glasses of non-alcoholic red wine (i.e. grape juice) and staying up late (I lasted until 10:00 – woohoo!)

This week has been fairly low-key.  D finally got over his illness and we hosted his family for a post-Christmas brunch on the weekend.  Littleman had a ball playing with his cousins, which made me realize how amazing it will be for him to have a sibling.  He’s a great kid, but he definitely gets bored when it’s just us adults around.  It was great to see him having so much fun with the other kids.

I saw my OB this week for another fairly uneventful appointment.  However, Baby Bo, who was head down last time, has managed to flip over again.  I know that there is still some time for him to get into the proper position so I’m hoping he does what he’s supposed to do!

Symptoms:  My contractions have finally started to settle down.  I haven’t had a bad stretch of them since Christmas Eve, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will stay calm for a while longer.  It will be interesting to see how things go when I’m back at work.  Taking it easy definitely seems to be what helps and I don’t think there will ever be a time when commuting on packed subway would be considered “taking it easy.”

I’ve been monitoring my belly button and I think I finally have to admit that it’s popped out.  Or at least half out.  It was pretty flat for a while but I can’t deny that it’s an “outie” any more.

Sleep:  Sleep just generally sucks these days.  I’m so tired but I find myself awake for at least an hour in the middle of most nights.  I can’t get comfortable and the baby uses that time to kick the shit out of me.  In fact, I think I will go try to nap as soon as I’m done here, since Littleman has finally fallen asleep for his nap.

Other: Nesting!  I never, ever had the nesting instinct during my first pregnancy.  I did all of the prep that I absolutely had to do, but I never really felt like doing it.  This time, I’m totally finding myself wanting to organize, purge, clean, etc.  Unfortunately, nesting and resting do not go hand-and-hand.  Whenever I try to do too much, I start to feel pretty bad and have to force myself to lie down for a bit.  Littleman’s big boy room is almost done so I think I’ll feel a bit more organized after that.


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