Operation Big Boy Room – step two

After a couple of good days spent clearing out some stuff from our spare bedroom last month, we got busy and lost our focus.  So, I took another two days off work this week so that we could press on with our plans to get Littleman’s new room ready for him.

We (finally) successfully moved all of D’s clothes into our new Ikea wardrobe in our bedroom.  That left us with two empty dressers, one of which will remain in the spare room for Littleman.  The other one is heading up to the farm for storage. 

After the clothes were done, it was time to tackle the remaining “junk” that we have been storing in the room.  Day two of our cleanup was a little less efficient, only because I had just received my “take it easy” orders from the OB so I had to give D instructions (i.e. boss him around) from the bed or couch, while he did all the bending, lifting and moving.

We moved into our house exactly four years ago and there were things that have been sitting in the spare bedroom since then.  There was a pile of pictures in frames (both photographs and art) that we don’t have room to hang.  There was a bookshelf rammed full of books – novels, random reference books, old textbooks, photo albums…  And then there were a few piles of DVDs and video games, neither of which we’ve had time to watch/play since we’ve moved in.

When you haven’t touched or used something in four years, it makes it a lot easier to give it or throw it away.  We sorted through our books and made a huge pile to donate.  A ton of crap went straight into the garbage or recycling.  Photographs are getting stored in the basement until we have time to go through them and the rest of the art (nothing special, just cheap and cheerful) is getting donated too. 

Finally, we were left with an empty (and dusty!) space.  We set up the kiddie bed and bedside table, which fit perfectly.  We’re leaving the bookshelf in there, as well as one of our dressers.  We’ll probably buy a chair for in front of the window so we’ll still have somewhere to sit while reading bedtime stories. 

The "big boy" bed

The “big boy” bed

The final step is decor, which we’re working on now.  Hopefully the room will be all done and ready for Littleman to move in after the holidays.  Although, I’m not totally convinced that he’s ready to leave the crib… he’s not so great at staying in one place while he sleeps!

Napping in the crib...

Napping in the crib…


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