Becoming a big kid

Sometimes I can’t believe how grown up Littleman is becoming.  Most of my blogging has been focused on my pregnancy, but I realized I have so much about Littleman that’s swirling through my head lately.  When he was a baby, I was really good at documenting everything in his baby book, but I’ve been terrible at that lately.  So, I thought I should get some recent events down in writing while I’m thinking about them.

Our recent play date

We had our play date on the weekend with Littleman’s daycare buddy.  Though we had only met his family briefly a couple of days prior, it definitely helped that they didn’t feel like complete strangers.  Littleman is a pretty shy kid, so I was worried he would cling to me rather than play.  However, he did great!  He and his pal went to the basement to play with the older sister while the parents had a coffee upstairs.  Then, he sat nicely on a kitchen stool for snacks.  All in all, it was a successful morning and definitely made me realize that Littleman is not a baby anymore!

Santa photos

OK, well, he’s still kind of a baby.  We’ve taken Littleman to have his picture taken with Santa every year around this time.  For his first Christmas, we took him to a local shopping mall to see Santa.  He was about 11 months old and he was not pleased to be dumped on Santa’s knee.  We ended up getting an ok shot of him looking terrified but at least he wasn’t screaming yet. 

Last year and this year, the daycare arranged to offer Santa photos there, which is much calmer and more convenient.  Last year, I had hoped he would like it a bit better and figured it would help that he was on his “home turf.”  Not so much.  He totally freaked out and so the picture is of him clinging to me and screaming while I laugh hysterically.  Not cute. 

This year we decided to take a different approach.  We talked about it for about a week before.  We showed him my Santa pictures from when I was a kid.  We explained that he didn’t have to see Santa by himself – we would all be in the picture as a family.  When he told us he didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap, we said that was totally fine.  We could stand beside Santa.  It seemed like we were prepared, but boy, were we wrong.  As soon as we entered the room, Littleman absolutely lost it.  Total freak out.  We tried to do the photo, but his face was buried in D’s neck, so you couldn’t see him at all.  We backed off and let a few other families take their turns, which helped him calm down enough to try again.  We eventually got a tear-free (but also smile-free) photo. 

Toilet training

I plan to write a proper post about our toilet training experience to date, but I just have to share the latest news: Littleman’s teacher says he can start wearing underwear to school this week!  Wow.  That’s huge!  We’ve been working on toilet training off and on since the summer (he really wasn’t ready the first few times we tried) and he seems to be getting the hang of it now.  He still needs a diaper for nap/bedtime and he refuses to poo on the toilet (more about that later) but all in all, he’s doing really well.

The funniest moment was one recent evening when Littleman changed his own diaper.  He came home from daycare in a diaper (dry) and said he didn’t have to pee.  Then he got wrapped up in whatever activity we were doing and I guess he went ahead and peed in his diaper.  Now that he’s aware of it, he hates being in a wet diaper.  So, he told us he wanted to change it.  Then, he proceeded to grab his diaper bag, get out a Pull Up, remove his pants and his wet diaper, put on the Pull Up and then (get this) take his wet diaper upstairs to put it in the diaper pail!  Genius!  D and I never had to leave the couch.  It was totally entertaining and he was so proud of himself.  He’s really into doing things on his own these days and I certainly can’t argue with a kid who wants to change his own diaper! 

 Sometimes I get a bit sad that Littleman is growing up so quickly and doesn’t need us as much as he used to.  But, I also appreciate how much easier it will be when the baby comes along now that Littleman can do some things for himself.  I’m so proud of him when I see him doing “big boy” things and I’m glad that he still likes hugs, kisses and cuddles from his mom.


3 thoughts on “Becoming a big kid

  1. Lol… we’ve had similar experiences with santa. The wee woman was 6 months old for her first visit, so she was all smiles. She refused to go near him without me at 18 months, so I’m in that picture. We missed the two and a half year pic, but I can well imagine how that would have gone. I’ve been too sick to take her so far this year, but I can’t wait to see how it goes. This is the first year that she has really seemed to ‘get’ the whole concept of Christmas/presents, etc, so I think this year will go pretty well.

    • Hope this year’s photo works out for you! I guess we shouldn’t be terribly surprised about the reactions to Santa. He does look kind of weird and scary. I’m not sure why us adults expect kids to want to sit on a big, strange, bearded man’s lap! Hope you’re starting to feel a bit better.

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