Blind date

So, Littleman and I are going on a blind playdate.  Sort of.  The mom of one of the little boys from his daycare class approached my husband last week at drop-off about having a playdate for the boys.  I don’t have any experience with this since Littleman is still pretty young.  I left a note in the kid’s cubby with my email address and got an email from the mom inviting us over for a coffee/playdate tomorrow.

Littleman obviously knows the boy – they’ve been in the same class for almost 18 months – but I don’t really know him or his mother.  According to the note from the mom, she wanted to find someone for her son to play with so she asked the daycare teachers who he spends time with.  They all agreed that Littleman is a good fit.  So, that’s nice, I suppose.  It’s good to hear that your kid is someone who people recommend playing with, right?  I guess we sort of got matchmade!

Then, the other night the daycare brought in a Santa so that parents could pay to get photos done (rather than having to fight the crowds at the mall!)  We took Littleman for his photo (that’s a whole other story!) and bumped into the “playdate” family.  I was  actually pretty relieved.  We only got to speak to them for a minute, but at least I won’t be heading over to a complete stranger’s house tomorrow.   

I still find that I’m a little bit nervous, but I know that it certainly won’t hurt to get to know them.   I’m never great at small talk and hanging out with people I don’t know is hard for me.   I’ll have to do my best to push that nervousness aside for the sake of Littleman.


3 thoughts on “Blind date

  1. I suck at small talk, too. The nice thing about playdates is that if the conversation hits a big of a lull, you can always go play with the boys for a moment. I find playdates ok for that reason- I’m much worse at weddings or parties where hubby knows everyone, and I know nobody. Then I just drink… lol.

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