28 weeks

I can’t really believe that I’ve officially reached the third trimester.  Only 12 weeks to go!  I’d put money on this little man arriving a bit sooner than that, although now that I’ve said that out loud, he’ll probably decide to hang in there longer just to bug me!

I continue to struggle with getting into my winter wardrobe.  As catwoman73  pointed out to me, she was lucky enough to be at this stage of pregnancy during the spring.  I’m a bit jealous.   Not having to wear boots (or even socks!) would be pretty dreamy right now!

I am, however, pleased to report that my Black Friday purchases have been a success.  There’s nothing better than some new tops that were 50% off.  It felt good to be able to give my boring wardrobe a bit of a lift.

Here’s what’s been going on this week…

Symptoms:  I’m thinking it may be time to start doing some kiegels.  Anyone have any experience/luck with these?  I’ve had a couple of pretty close calls recently when it comes to sneezing and peeing my pants.  It appears that my control “down there” is less than stellar these days.  Perhaps I’m too late.  Probably should have thought of that during my first pregnancy…

Fetal movement:  I think I can probably drop this category now, since the movement is pretty strong and regular.  In fact, a number of my colleagues have noticed my belly hopping around while we’re in meetings or chatting.  Sometimes it blows my mind how strong this little guy is already!

Other: Sleeping is getting a bit less comfortable these days.  Rolling over with my pregnancy pillow is pretty awkward.  I’ve incorporated the wedge pillow into my sleeping routine this week, which is helping a bit. 



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