Funny fashion

Have you ever seen a beached whale try to squeeze itself into a wetsuit?  Well, that’s kind of what a pregnant lady looks like when she’s trying to put on a pair of tights.

I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this morning as I grunted, groaned and sweated my way into my maternity tights.  Oh boy, what a sight to behold!  A round, white belly and some (ever so slightly) pudgy thighs contrasted against black, opaque spandex.  It was borderline obscene. 

At least it gave me a good laugh, which is hard to do at way-too-early-o’clock.  Someone should record this shit and put it on YouTube. 

I’ve always been amazed at the lengths we women will go to for fashion: putting up with unbearable pain for a cute pair of heels or freezing our arses off in a great dress.  But being pregnant and trying to look decent takes it to a whole new level.  It’s possible that I hit rock bottom this morning when I asked my toddler to zip up my knee-high boots.   At least he thought it was fun.


One thought on “Funny fashion

  1. Lol… I guess I got lucky, and by the time I was as far along as you, it was already spring time. Spring=fewer clothes to struggle with. It’s nice that you have a little helper to get you through the tough stuff!

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