27 weeks

It seems that I bought my winter boots just in time!  We had our first snow on the ground this morning, which made Littleman a bit concerned.  He wanted to know where the grass went.

I had an OB appointment yesterday which lasted about 30 seconds.  Everything looked good and measured on target.  The heartbeat was nice and loud, which is always so good to hear.

Yesterday was also my one-hour glucose challenge.  I was able to see my blood test results online later last night and I passed with flying colours.  Yahoo!!  It would be unfortunate to have to watch my diet during the holiday season (especially because I did some yummy baking on the weekend!)

Symptoms:  Speaking of diet, I had my first bout of heartburn last night.  Holy hell, it was bad.  My mom came over to help Littleman and I decorate our Christmas tree.  We picked up fish and chips for dinner and I clearly overdid it on the grease.  I was in a lot of pain and had to chomp on Tums like it was my job.  Ugh.

Fetal movement:  Turns out this baby likes ice cream!  I purchased one of my holiday favourites this week – Candy Cane Fudge Crackle ice cream.   As I dug into my first bowl of it, Bo started going crazy.  Clementine oranges also seem to get him moving these days.  I forgot how hilarious it is to look down and see my belly bouncing around.

Other: My subway commute woes continue.  Only now it’s worse because I have a huge winter coat on.  Would it be inappropriate to kick people in the shins that clearly see me standing but pretend not to?  Also, I’m definitely waddling more these days.  That seemed to come out of nowhere.  And… I finally had to go up a bra size.  The girls were starting to bust out of my regular bras so it was time.


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