24 weeks

When I sneezed recently, a little bit of pee snuck out.  Yep.  We’ve reached that point in the pregnancy where I start peeing my pants.  Fun times!  I’m also noticing that when I need go, I really need to go.  Like right that second!  P.S.  Is “pee” not a real word?  Why does spell check keep thinking it’s wrong?  No, I did not mean “pea.”

Other than that, there’s nothing terribly eventful to report this week.  I had another routine OB appointment and it was quick and easy.  Apparently my weight gain and belly measurement are right on target (although I feel like I’ve gained a ton already).  The beautiful heartbeat continues to sound good.  I go back in three weeks for my glucose test.

Symptoms:  Aside from the sneezing/peeing thing, I’ve been feeling pretty decent these days.  Last night I found myself experiencing numerous leg cramps throughout the night.  It was terribly annoying so I hope that doesn’t keep up.

Clothing: I’m thinking I can drop this section from my weekly updates because, although I’m wearing maternity clothes full time, I’ve vowed not to spend any more money buying anything new.  And no one wants to read about my boring old outfits.    

Fetal movement:  While my anterior placenta has made feeling Bo’s movements a bit tough, he finally seems to be strong enough that I can feel him more frequently.  D actually managed to feel a couple of jabs last night (after clarifying that I wasn’t just twitching – as if I could make my stomach twitch from the inside without moving my whole body!)

Other: We’ve been looking for a while but we’re finally buying a new car this week!  It feels kind of sickening to spend the money when we have a perfectly decent car already, but we’ve learned that our current car will not work well with two car seats in the back.  D is just too tall to be comfortable with a car seat behind him, so with all the driving we do to the farm, we decided to suck it up and purchase something bigger.  We’ve settled on the Hyundai Santa Fe XL and should have it by Friday!



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