Trick or treat!

Despite the miserable weather, Halloween 2013 was a success for our family.  Littleman was in good spirits and happily donned his costume.  I was a little unsure of how it would all go down after the conversation we had this past weekend:

Me: Littleman, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Littleman: An astronaut!  What are you going to be mommy?  A butterfly?
Me: No, not a butterfly.  I think I will be a witch.
Littleman:  A witch?  Why not a butterfly?
Why don’t you ask daddy what he’s going to be?
Littleman: What you gonna be, daddy?
D: A cowboy!
Littleman (frowning) : I wanna be a cowboy!
Me: No, you’re going to be an astronaut, remember?
Littleman: No!  I no wanna be an astronaut!  I wanna be a cowboy!
Me to D (under my breath): Tell him you’re going to be a friggin’ astronaut!

Luckily, when the big day arrived, Littleman had no trouble getting into his astronaut costume and we all headed out for trick or treating.  My mom came by to man the door for us so we could go out together.  We managed to hit a few houses before the rain started and snuck in a few more before we decided to call it quits.  At that point, Littleman had way more candy than he needs (lucky for me!) and we were all ready to head back inside. 

The little astronaut!

The little astronaut!

Candy time?

My two pumpkins were also a bit hit.  I decided to go with an outer space theme to coordinate with Littleman’s costume.  I should note that I did not inherit the crafty gene from my mom (that one was passed along to my sister instead).  When it comes to any sort of crafts, sewing, knitting, baking or anything that requires creativity and patience, I generally suck (and I hate it).  However, pumpkins seem to be the exception.  Perhaps it’s the competitive side of me that takes over, but I really want my pumpkins to be unique and awesome every year.  I’ve done some pretty great ones in the past (last year’s Elmo and The Count pumpkins were very successful!).  This year, due to a busy schedule and an exhausting pregnancy, I didn’t go as ambitious as I did in the past, but I’m still happy with how they turned out.

Outer space pumpkins

Outer space pumpkins

And, finally, I managed to roast some pumpkin seeds for the first time ever!  Everyone I spoke to seemed to have a different method, so I wasn’t really sure what to try.  In the end, I went with a simple olive oil and sea salt concoction and roasted them for about 25 minutes.  They ended up being pretty good!  They reminded me a bit of popcorn, which I love. 

Hope everyone else had a lovely Halloween!


One thought on “Trick or treat!

  1. Littleman looks so cute! I’m so behind in my posting- Halloween pics of the wee woman to come!
    I love roasted pumpkin seeds. They do NOT love me the next morning…lol….

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