Pregnancy brain (and other distractions)

Up until recently, although I’ve been extremely tired, I think I’ve been functioning pretty well.  But, I suffered from my first incident related to “pregnancy brain” this past weekend. 

D, Littleman and I spent the weekend at our farm.  Saturday was wet and cold, so I decided to make us a nice homemade mac and cheese casserole for dinner.  I’ve made it often enough that I don’t use a recipe.  I boiled the macaroni and started on the cheese sauce.  I shredded a nice big pile of cheddar cheese and got working on my béchamel sauce.  When the pasta was cooked, I mixed it into the sauce and dumped the whole thing into a nice deep casserole dish.  Then I thought to myself “I hope I saved some of the cheese for the topping”.  I looked over at my cutting board and realized that I had saved ALL the cheese.  Yes, I had forgotten to put the cheese into the cheese sauce!  Ugh.  Before me sat a huge macaroni and béchamel casserole!!

I managed to salvage the meal by stirring in the shredded cheese, but it just wasn’t the same.  Instead of a nice, smooth cheesy sauce, it had clumps of stringy cheese throughout. 

I guess it could have been worse.  I could have screwed up something at work or done something dangerous, but I realized that my brain is definitely starting to get fuzzier these days.

On top of the pregnancy brain, I’m also finding this week to be way too busy.  Work is getting in the way of all the things I need to do at home. 

With Halloween approaching, we’ve been busy stocking up on supplies and getting ready to carve our pumpkins.  I have a tendency to get a bit competitive when it comes to pumpkin carving (I’ve won a couple of neighbourhood competitions in the past) and I can be a perfectionist, so I find Halloween week kind of stressful.  I also decided I wanted to try roasting pumpkin seeds for the first time this year.  I was cursing that decision last night as I was trying to separate the seeds from the pumpkin gunk after we got Littleman to bed.  After wrestling with the seeds (they’re slippery little buggers), they have now been drying overnight.  I’ll try roasting them tonight. They better be damn tasty after all that work!

Pumpking carving with Daddy!

Pumpkin carving with Daddy!

Aaaannnddd, we’re also trying to sort out our spare bedroom which we plan to make into Littleman’s “big boy” room.  D is on vacation this week, so he’s working on assembling a full wall armoire/cabinet in our bedroom to hold his clothes (which are currently in a dressers and closet in the spare bedroom).  Then we can clear out all the other crap that we store in that room so we can start setting it up for Littleman.  I’m hoping we can move him into his new space well before the baby arrives so that he doesn’t think he’s getting displaced.  I really want to make it about him, so hopefully we can get our act together and get this done!

I won’t even get into the fact that we’re also trying to buy a new car…

So, needless to say, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days and the pregnancy hormones are not helping.  I think I will have to plan a few vacation days in the next little while to try to get some stuff done at home.  I hate sitting at work being distracted by all the non-work things I need to do.


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