22 weeks

I missed my last weekly update due to a horrible headache, which seems to be the theme of my second trimester so far.  The headaches are ridiculous!  It’s so frustrating when there’s nothing I can do about it.

Other than that, the last couple of weeks have been relatively uneventful.  I’m definitely growing faster now, though, with my belly expanding very rapidly.  I feel like I’m looking wider too, although my friends assure me that I don’t look pregnant from the back.  It’s possible they’re just being polite.

I’ve also been suffering from a bad case of raging bitchiness lately.  It’s mostly been directed at a relatively new colleague of mine (behind his back, of course) but I’m happy to report that he didn’t last and left the company yesterday.  Hopefully my hormones won’t decide to turn on someone else in his place…

Symptoms:  I’m starting to feel like I don’t have enough skin to cover my expanding belly.  Logically, I know that it will stretch, but sometimes it feels like I will actually burst open.  It doesn’t help that the colder weather means the furnace is turned on and the air is drier.  I was so itchy the other day that I scratched the crap out of my stomach to the point that I looked like I’d been mauled by a werewolf.

Clothing: I was finally successful in finding a pair of skinny jeans.  Yay!  Aside from the jeans and a new winter coat, I haven’t bought much else.  At this point, I think I’ll just have to make do with what I have. 

In other clothing news, the other day, I had an unpleasant reminder of how much bigger I’m going to get.  I pulled out a couple of pairs of pajamas that I wore throughout my last pregnancy.  They aren’t maternity jammies, just loose, stretchy pants and long-sleeved tees.  Anyway, rather than squeeze into my current pajamas, I tried on the old ones.  The pants literally dropped to the floor.  Yikes.  As big as I feel right now, I guess I still have a lot of growing to do!

Fetal movement:  Baby Bo is still pretty low-key during the day.  His most active time is right before I get out of bed in the morning.  He gives me the odd punch or kick if I’ve been sitting still at my desk for a while and sometimes I’ll feel what seems like he’s doing a somersault (kind of feels like my insides are flipping over).  I’m still waiting for some nice strong jabs that can be felt on the outside.

2 thoughts on “22 weeks

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I do have a cocoa butter product that I haven’t been good at using, but not sure what brand it is. Now that I’m noticing the dry, itchy skin, I will definitely give it a try.

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