Having a blah day

I’m feeling kind of off today.  It all started with my morning commute, which I hate at the best of times.  But travelling to work on the bus and subway during rush hour while pregnant just sucks.  The bus, which is usually empty enough to get a seat, was full.  Of course, all the people looked at me and my belly, and then promptly closed their eyes or buried their faces in their books/phones to avoid giving me a seat.  I eventually noticed a free seat in the far back corner of the bus, so I worked my way through the crowd to get to it. 

The subway is a whole different story. It is always jam-packed in the mornings and today was no exception.  I debated waiting for the next train, but figured that it would likely be just as full.  So, I crammed myself on with the rest of the crowd and pushed my way in as far as I could.  I had to reach around someone to try to grasp a pole.  The teenager who was in front of me was leaning his head on the pole and generally taking up way too much holding-on space.  He also had his backpack on, which was hitting me in the belly every time he moved.  His stupid earphone cord was hanging on my arm.  I wanted to smack him.

By the time I got to my stop, I had tears in my eyes.  

Then, I realized that the escalator that takes me up to ground level was broken and I would have to take the stairs.  It’s not a ton of stairs – maybe 30 steps – but it felt like climbing Mt. Everest after my horrible train ride.  I’ve never been so happy to get to my desk. 

Then my back started hurting.  It’s like a little pinch that shoots down my leg when I move a certain way.  So uncomfortable.

Anyway, it’s only lunchtime so I have several hours left of this unpleasant day, but I thought it might make me feel better to whine about it a bit. 

Thanks for listening!


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