18 weeks

It was well into the day today before I realized that it’s Wednesday, which means another week has gone by.  My baby is supposedly 6 inches long now – the size of a mango.  That’s getting pretty big! 

D returned home from his hiking trip, which was a nice treat for Littleman and me. Having him gone – and completely out of touch – for so long was really tough. 

I’ve also been thinking a lot about a good friend of mine, who has been TTC since 2009.  She finally started the IVF process and has her first transfer today.  I really, really hope this works for her.  She deserves it.

So, on to the 18 week update…

Symptoms:  Feeling pretty ok this week, aside from the exhaustion.  Going to bed (with my awesome pillow) is my favourite time of day. 

My skin still really sucks.  I was looking in the mirror this morning and cursing my ugly chin.  Too many red spots and not much I can do about it.  I hate acne.

Clothing: Getting dressed continues to be a challenge but I’m doing my best.  I hit up the one and only maternity store I could find in the downtown area today and it was a bit of a bust.  Where the hell do people shop if they don’t live in the ‘burbs?  I did purchase another pair of leggings to try and I’m hoping that they’ll stay up on my belly a bit better than the last pair.  I also got a pair of maternity yoga pants because I don’t want to wreck my good ones by stretching them out.

I still have some items of clothing on my wish list but I’ll need to find some time to get out shopping.  I really want some skinny jeans and long tops/tunics.  Other than that, I think I can make do with what I have.

Fetal movement:  So, as of yesterday, I was starting to get really nervous about the lack of movement.  Aside from a couple of random flickers, I haven’t felt much kicking or movement at all.   I know from my last ultrasound report that I have an anterior placenta, so I was really hoping that was the reason that I couldn’t feel any kicking.

Then, last night as I was lying in bed reading, I felt something.  It was stronger than anything I’d felt to date.  I put my hand on my belly and waited, hoping it would happen again.  It did!  And this time it was hard enough that I actually felt it on my hand!!  It didn’t continue for very long, but I was so happy and relieved.  This morning, starting around 4 a.m., there was definitely some flip-flopping going on in there.  I will happily be woken up by movement if it means Bo is alive and well in there!!


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