An old friend

Since my husband is away, I decided to invite someone to join me in my bed last night.  This guest is long and slim, but comfy and good for snuggling with.  As with any good bedmate, this guest spent the night between my legs.  It took a bit of time to get comfortable, but it wasn’t our first time sleeping together so we got back into our usual position pretty quickly.

Welcome back, pregnancy pillow! 

I know it’s still early in the pregnancy, but I am already finding sleep to be uncomfortable.  My hips and lower back are starting to get sore and I’ve been waking up a lot in the night to roll over and try different sleeping positions.  Then I remembered the body pillow that I had stuffed up onto the highest shelf of my closet after Littleman was born.  I pulled it out last night and am so grateful that I did! 

The pregnancy fatigue is still hanging around and I need every bit of sleep that I can get.  Being comfortable in bed makes a huge difference and wrapping myself around a body pillow seems to help me settle down.  Bring on the sleep!


3 thoughts on “An old friend

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    • Mine is just a regular body pillow. Looks like a normal pillow, but extra long. Some of the actual pregnancy pillows look pretty great but a friend passed mine on to me so it was free!

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