15 weeks

I’m 15 weeks pregnant today and impatiently awaiting my OB appointment tomorrow.  As a slightly pessimistic person, I think I’ve been pretty successful at staying positive lately.  I’ve only really started to feel nervous for tomorrow’s appointment over the past couple of days. 

If Baby Bo allows us to hear his/her heartbeat tomorrow (please Bo, please!) I think we will start to selectively share the news of this pregnancy.  I’ve been struggling to get dressed these days, so telling my closest work colleagues will help ease that burden.  I won’t have to worry so much about finding something to wear that camouflages my widening belly.

Symptoms-wise, I have good days and bad days.  I still have random moments of nausea – usually in the evenings.  I’m still totally exhausted and my boobs still hurt.  I’ve had some cramping here and there, mostly of the repetitive poking sort.  Any cramping, of course, has me totally freaking out.  Not that I actually had any cramping with my miscarriage…

Anyway, in funnier news, we finally told Littleman about the baby in mommy’s tummy.  He wanted to know “why mommy not lift me?” so we told him.  Since he’s known, he’s flip-flopped back and forth about whether it’s a brother or a sister, but he told us pretty clearly what the baby’s name is: Baby Janet.  WHAT?  I have no idea where that came from.  I’m quite certain there are no Janets in his daycare class and we don’t know anyone by that name.  Where on earth did he pull that from?  A book, perhaps?  Who knows.  But we sure had a good chuckle when he announced that one!


3 thoughts on “15 weeks

  1. Soooo… looking for a happy update….

    Well, if it’s a girl, and you named her Janet, I can guarantee she would be the only one in her class at school! So funny he would choose a name that hasn’t been popular in decades!

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