13 weeks

I’ve definitely been experiencing a bit of anxiety this week, knowing that this is when my last baby stopped growing.  It doesn’t help that my nausea has majorly decreased.  Luckily (I can’t believe I think this is lucky!) I’ve been really busy at work so haven’t had too much time to dwell on my nervousness.

One thing I just realized about this pregnancy (as opposed to my pregnancy with Littleman) is that my hair is still coming out.  When I got pregnant the first time, I stopped shedding pretty much immediately.  My hair was nice and full.  D loved it because I wasn’t leaving piles of hair all over the place whenever I’d blow dry my hair.  This time, my hair has continued to fall out, as usual.  I’ve also noticed that my leg hair is growing less.  My nails are growing super fast, so I kind of thought my hair would too.  Hmm.

Other than that, things are just chugging along.  I still have two more weeks until my next appointment, so I’m sure there will be plenty of moments of stress and fear between now and then. 

Nausea: Pretty much gone.  Just the odd moment of it here and there.

Vomiting: None to date.

Food cravings or aversions: Totally digging lemonade right now.  Have gone through two big jugs of it.  The sourness is amazing.

Aches and Pains: Minor boob pain off and on. 

Fatigue:  This is one symptom that isn’t going away.  The evenings are so tough.  Littleman has lots of energy and it’s so hard to pull myself off the couch to push around trucks or hide from the monsters of play outside.  I’m going to bed as early as possible these days.

Other:  I’m definitely getting wider in the belly region.  At my appointment last week, I had actually lost weight, even though I definitely look bigger.  I’m still hesitant to tell anyone the news of this pregnancy but at some point my belly is going to do the telling for me!


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